COVID Discordance comes when you Triangulate

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Triangulate COVID (PCR Positive) data with a number of other data sources, and the head scratching starts… 👇🏼

When you solely rely on myopic reporting, you can miss important signals that if combined create a very different story to the winter pressures we are seeing.

🤔 Clinically questionable PCR-Positives (if not presented with robust symptoms at point of hospital admission) create all the COVID data – Cases, Positivity, IFR, CFR, R, Prevalence, Hospitalisations, MV Bed Use and Deaths.

❌ Symptoms at time of measurement are NOT necessary from a data reporting perspective (nor up to 28 days after) – as WHO continues to guide the world.

🤧 And let’s be clear. When we say symptoms, we are talking about the *catch-all symptoms* for any early-onset respiratory infection – no matter the pathogen of etiology.

Why do I say this? 

To deny the existence of the virus? To deny the pressure we are experiencing right now on our public health due to our responses over the last year?


📣 I continuously repeat these critical points, because we continue to be addicted in the hyperbole and hysterical reporting that can ONLY COME from our obsessional focus on PCR results.

👁 If we took a step back, evaluated and triangulated all the data (that we do on this page and have been doing for many months), you see a very different situation…

…a situation where the story breaks down. Where the traditional indicators of a bad respiratory infection season seem to be benign and/or broken. 🤔

💣 What you start to see are the true PRESSURES on public health… neigh on a year of incredibly disruptive policies that dampen our healthcare response, dampen our immune systems, and drive up community sickness levels.

Let’s Triangulate

The below shows one such way to see the confusing discordance in the datasets available. It’s an eye chart, so head over to the official sources to dig in.👇🏼

NHS COVID Triages not matching with cases and deaths

ℹ️ Two useful sources. NHS COVID Progression Dashboard and PHE’s Weekly ILI Surveillance Report. Both linked in the comment below.


  • ❓111/999 Triages for potential COVID and cold/flu have no signal beyond the winter uplift. Why?
  • ❓Compare every measure to Spring – why the huge discordance between now and spring, yet there are more PCR-positive Deaths and more Cases?
  • ❓Why are Influenza-Like Illness and Acute Respiratory Infections down this winter when compared to the average baseline? COVID-19 fits this category…
  • ❓The only correlation between PCR-Positive Deaths/Cases is Emergency Attendances for covid-LIKE symptoms. Not COVID… covid-LIKE. Can you see the driver of this?
  • ❓Without the terrible mental gymnastics, what the ____ is happening with Influenza Hospitalisations?! We are literally seeing nothing… globally? *

Only two honest explanations – 1️⃣ ILI in previous years was NOT Influenza or 2️⃣ COVID testing is drowning out Influenza testing and as such almost everything possible is badged as SARS CoV2 Positive.

🌍* By globally – we are talking everywhere that there is surveillance. Read the PHE report. Since the outset of this report, it continues with the same message… No to Substantially Below levels of Influenza detected by WHO and ECDC.

🔄 There is NO EXIT STRATEGY whilst we are in this loop of PCR scaling and reliance, all with a terrible Case Definition not requiring symptoms.

⛔️ Irrespective of vaccines and lockdowns, unless we seriously dial back and change the testing regime – be it volume, type, setting, Ct levels, confirmation testing, clinically observed symptoms – we will be in this perpetual cycle of a perma- Pandemic, when the reality is something all so different…

If we are willing to be truly honest with ourselves…







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  1. My understanding is that the genome sequence fragment used in PCR tests is the same throughout the world and was supplied by China in the early stages of the Spring 2020 outbreak in the west; and that differences in case/test rates between populations is likely to be largely accounted for by varying CT’s applied to that single sequence fragment test

    That beingh so – and whether or not the single Chinese sequenced genome fragment still applies – I would like to know how differrent so-called virus ‘variants’ and ‘strains’ are identified since, bearing in mind the cost and technical challenges of doing so, I doubt that new whole genomes are sequenced willy nilly then edited to produce appropriate new test fragment then rolled out in new PCR test kits..

    Any information on this? – since it appears to me that the ability to conjure ‘new strains’ out of thin air (much like central banks with new fiat currency) has the potential to keep us in fear and lockdown for a whole lot longer regardless of the statistics

    1. Hi Peter. I write about the challenge ongoing against the PCR test design put out on 23rd Jan 2020 today. Check it out.

      Also, read and

      We’ve got a lot of sequencing capacity in this country. However – we are NOT changing the PCR tests, at leat not systematically. As such, there new variant (sep 2020) B.1.1.7 had a mutation that knocks out one of the genes in the test. Making it less accurate me more likely to create false positives.

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