The “New COVID Variant” panic

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This “new #covid variant” messaging from Matt Hancock and MSM scaremongers does make laugh 👇🏼

🦠 Human Coronaviruses are known to be sloppy replicators – i.e. as they replicate they mutate ever so slightly with high frequency.

👀 What you are seeing below is a graphical representation of all the SARS CoV2 strains discovered through microbiology lab genome sequencing this year.

❗️There have been 3500-4000 SARS CoV2 strains identified so far. All listed on Nextstrain’s website, including where, when, which lab, parent strain, mutations identified and a bunch more info.

These mutations are random errors, but the dominance of viral strains comes down to selective pressure – i.e. what properties allow for best proliferation.

ℹ️ Remember this – viruses DON’T WANT to kill their host, nor trigger the adaptive immune system. They just want to replicate and live in hosts without being eliminated.

ℹ️ About 8% of human genetic material comes from viruses, and we have 40 trillion organisms in our gut and mouth microbiome that have 40x MORE genes than the human genome. We CO-EXIST with viruses… WE ARE IN ACTUAL FACT PART VIRUS!

👌🏼So, becoming less virulent (deadly) and less immune system -antagonising means greater “safe” replication and allowing for greater transmission.

This is a well-understood phenomenon. The combo of effective herd immunity and random mutations is what leads to less and less serious harms as time progresses, yet greater and greater endemic prevalence.

COVID SARS CoV2 Strain Variants

Non-News… or Important Confession

🥱 So, Matt Hancock’s latest effort to scare the population is effective – as most people are naive to matters of virology – but it is NON-NEWS.

In the last 3-7 days alone, we’ve identified another 3 strains in UK/England. One of these are likely what is being referenced – but, of course, we were given no information to further investigate. 🤫

🧘🏻‍♀️ In actual fact, if you understand the frequency and volume of viral mutations in coronaviruses and influenza, you’ll not have batted an eyelid – at least from a FEAR perspective.

Actually, if you’ve got your spidy senses up, you would be asking these three important questions:

1️⃣ With 3,500-4,00 strains and counting, with mutations across every aspect of the virus including the spike proteins, is it even plausible that a Vaccine could be genuinely effective and durable❓

2️⃣ Is the virus continuing to become less virulent and therefore more prevalent with greater potential for global transmission (like all other viruses)❓

3️⃣ Given the seasonality curves we observe across common respiratory viruses in Northern temperate countries, are we not simply observing seasonal prevalence and seasonal illness❓

In actual fact, is the Hancock announcement an effort to:

a) Prime us for ineffective vaccine(s) performance?

b) Condition us to needing annual jabs?

c) Keep the fear alive?

❓Is it a, b, c or all of the above? I’ve got my answer…




Visualisations, maps, reports and data all available at Nextstrain – for COV2 and other viruses such as Influenza. Linked in the comment below 👇🏼


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