Brave New World: the book for 2020

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🔮 Almost 90 years old, yet Huxley precisely describes the meddling ideologies of the globalist technocratic elite, and how overt these manifestations are materialising in 2020! 👇🏼

What an incredible read. If you, like me, haven’t read this book yet, then the remaining days of 2020 is the time to do it.

😳 The parallels are uncanny.

Whilst 1984 describes the dystopia that we are increasingly seeing regarding censorship of thought and a strong authoritarian regime where the state control the past, the current, and your every thought…

…Brave New World is the other side to this coin. It describes the the same technological driven future, but one in which we have been conditioned to love. A world in which we have no identity, no individuality, no pain, no suffering, no passion… no humanness.

🌈 It’s describes Utopia – but one that is incredibly unsettling. A lifeless perfect world that just doesn’t feel right. A world where you are but a cog in the machine, and all your needs are met through not ever wanting to live above your conditioned role in life.

🧪A world where you escape discomfort with mindless distractions and substances. A world where everyone believes in “science”, but the science is carefully curated by the leadership.

⛔️ A world where true feelings, honest explorative science, and talking about the light AND darkness of reality is not allowed.

A world where our food is synthetic. Where every thought has been carefully conditioned. Where those yearning to be individuals and think differently are ostracised to far away lands.

A world where you are not allowed to be alone – that somehow you must feel the pressure of society (aka social media).

‼️If you haven’t read this book or it was a long time ago, then you must read this book ASAP.

Brave New World describing 2020

😵 It brings into sharp focus the ideologies that have been in play for a very long time, but only in 2020 people in large numbers have begun to fall out of their hypnotic trance.

Thinking for yourself and exploring truth is dangerous for civilisation manipulators… 

😩 If you are thinking for yourself versus accepting what you have and are being spoon-fed, the levels of ostracism you may be experiencing from society, social media, facts-checkers and political leaders is very deliberate.

👌🏼BUT, it’s your independent thought, truth-seeking instinct, exploration of empirical evidence, and your scepticism of the childlike propaganda that is PRECISELY what the world needs right now.

Keep pushing people to see reality, even if it has shades of darkness. Even if they’d rather live in ignorant bliss. It beats living one BIG LIE…




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