England Tiering Update with Key Stats

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Given the England Tier 3 upgrades, check out the key stats for your area 👇🏼

London, most of Essex & parts of Hertfordshire are moving into Tier 3 midweek. Our Tiering Insights have been updated this evening to reflect these changes. *

Govt suggest the criteria for Tiering boils down to:

1️⃣ case detection rates in all age groups

2️⃣ case detection rates in the over-60s

3️⃣ the rate at which cases are rising or falling

4️⃣ positivity rate

5️⃣ pressure on the NHS

✅ 1-3 are listed in this searchable and sortable table, as is the weekly Death Rate and number of Rapid Community Tests (LFD): https://adapnation.io/covid-insights-extra/

✅ You can check out your NHS Hospital Trust General & COVID stats here, as well s the nationwide Positivity Rate: https://adapnation.io/covid-insights/

COVID England Tiering 14th Dec 2020

AdapNation COVID+ Insights
COVID+Insights Dashboard




All data taken directly from the DHSC coronavirus dashboard leveraging the backend API. Last pulled 14th Dec 2020.

*Essex & Hertfordshire marked as Tier 3, but bear in mind Colchester, Tendring, Uttlesford, Dacorum, East Hertfordshire, North Hertfordshire, St. Albans, Stevenage and Welwyn Hatfield are to remain in Tier 2.


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