The “Germ Defence” Drivel being peddled

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I’m sorry, but what absolute #DRIVEL! Who else is growing tired of being spoken down to like infants? Anyone else received this link from their GP? 👇🏼

👦🏼 This content assumes that you, the UK population, are too stupid to be spoken to like adults. Instead, the young brainiacs at Southampton, Bristol and Bath universities have pegged you as having a young child’s brain.

❌ Zero evidence-based science. Zero references to historical or 2020 studies that help you lift your thinking skills as it relates to Immunology, Virology, and Infectious Outbreaks. Zero empirical data offered.

🙈 No, you are waaaaaay too dumb for that, according to these brilliant minds. Instead, how about some Year 4 language, naff doodles and talking down to you with childhood propaganda techniques.

😳 I’ve just read Brave New World. What a perfect description of the world we’re experiencing… incessant conditioning, indoctrination and active eradication of individualistic thought and identity.

Do as we say

👉🏼 Now, be a good little boy – wash your hands 20x a day, wear your mask, freeze to death with the windows open, don’t you dare go outside, don’t have people over, and trust no one (other than us)! Don’t have an opinion, don’t do your own scientific research, don’t think for yourself… but DO go get your vaccine, and any other drugs we recommend.

🧼 Don’t be one of the great unwashed… you must be #sterile. Sterile of good bacteria, fresh air, hormetic species, social life, relationships, a worthy job, thoughts, self-confidence, wholesome food, and personal choices.

🤖 aka be an #android that we can programme however is deemed fit. Oh, and thank goodness for your chimp brain – we can manipulate you so easily with a bit of good old fear messaging. 👌🏼

Express your Smartness

🖍 Well, if your curiosity gets the better of you, you can check out this Key Stage 1 education on “germs” in the link below. Make sure to brings your own crayons…

The good news is, we are MUCH SMARTER than we are given credit for. Being genuinely smart, sceptical and a critical thinker is dangerous to those wishing to control.

🧠 But, you must USE & EXPRESS your smarts for them to be of any value… to yourself or others…




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