CDC Database on US Vaccine Adverse Events

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This is super interesting. US’ CDC update their Vaccine adverse events database every Friday – COVID vaccines below👇🏼

👌🏼This is precisely what we need to see by the UK, and in particular a weekly figure showing how many of the weekly ONS Total Mortality has had a COVID vaccine.

If the numbers are encouraging low, then surely people would be keen to share them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

CDC VAERS data on COVID-19 Vaccines

This CDC Wonder / VAERS database is extensive and overwhelming in function, but after a little while you’ll get the hang of things.

👇🏼 Follow the link below. Accept the conditions. In the request form section 1, group results by Event Category. In section 3, click the “all” selection bar, unselect all and select COVID-19 Vaccine. Scroll to the bottom and press send.

🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m not sure if this weeks update has been made, so you may want to try this later this evening / tomorrow.

This site adds load of caveats to the adverse events and deaths – basically saying it would be wrong to conclude that all of these events were caused by vaccination. That’s fair. Of course clinical investigations are needed.

⚠️ Also, bear in mind this is a self-reporting system by individuals and medical professionals. There will be a significant number of adverse events not reported, albeit you would hope the more severe reactions, hospitalisations and deaths post-vaccine eventually find their way into this database.

💉 On best estimates these adverse events relates to 18.4 million US vaccinations since 14th Dec 2020.

ℹ️ Given the unprecedented speed and scale of the US COVID experimental vaccines rollout, there will be a significant lag in reporting, plus the second dose can also contribute to figures once administered.

❓Would you like to see this level of transparency from the UK, with the addition of weekly Post-Vaccine deaths as part of the ONS data?






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