The Difference of Eating vs Injecting Toxins & Vaccines

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The inevitable pro-Vaccine propaganda machine is well underway to combat the growing vaccine-hesitancy. 

I saw a cutesy 3min social media clip y’day that looks to vindicate vaccines as well as suggesting they are the single-most important technological advancement for human health.

🙄 One of the messages this video made was that ‘anti-vaxxers’ claim that vaccines contain adjuvants (e.g. aluminium, mercury or formaldehyde), but real foods contain much higher doses of said toxins – i.e. don’t worry.

Adjuvants in Vaccines

💉 Well, many vaccines absolutely do contain adjuvants, and GSK is the world leader in adjuvant systems – with the AS04 and AS03 products. GSK is producing 1 million doses of AS03 for the first round of COVID-19 vaccines. (See link in comments 👇🏼)

🦠 Two common approaches in vaccine technology is to use attenuated viruses and to deliver that with an adjuvant, whose role is to sufficiently antagonise the immune system to mount a robust immune response to fight off said toxins and pathogens.

So, back to the argument that dismisses small does of intravenous toxins on vaccines because we consume greater levels of toxins in our plant-based foods. 🤔

This is how this argument COMPLETELY BREAKS DOWN

  • Most plant foods come with various toxins – this is the plants defence from predation in the form of biochemical warfare.
  • Fruits are safer, generally, but many vegetables  – especially beans, legumes, seeds and tubers – come riddled with high levels of toxic chemicals.
  • But, over millions of years of evolution, we’ve developed internal detoxification machinery and external processing techniques to allow us to liberate energy and nutrients from harmful plants. 👍🏼
  • Let’s take the Lima Bean – eating a small handful of these raw beans can lead to cyanide poisoning and potential death. 
  • So, how can we eat Lima Beans safely❓
  • We first externally (outside of our body) process the beans to start the detoxification process. Soaking/Sprouting and Boiling in large volumes of water.
  • Then, we use the beautiful multi-layered detoxification systems within our body:
    1. (1) an incredibly acidic stomach, 
    2. the long small intestine to break compounds down, 
    3. (3) the fermentation capabilities of the large intestine, 
    4. the stages of detoxification in the liver and 
    5. the filtering and excreting out of toxins via the kidneys.
  • All of this TO PREVENT foreign dangerous compounds making their way into the blood stream. In a a healthy functional gut, there should be negligible toxic compounds making their way into the bloodstream. 👌🏼
  • Due to a leaky gut, some pathogenic invasion or cell diseased state, harmful compounds can make their way into the blood. That’s when the Immune System kicks in with several layers of innate and adaptive immune response to attack said non-self invader.💥


😲 Amazing, right? 

All done without thought or effort. Even when you totally abuse your body, most of these internal detoxification and immune systems still work – just less effectively.

When it comes to Viruses

🦠 When it comes to VIRUSES – they have three paths of entry:

  1. Digestion Path – albeit their need to get through the labyrinth described above.
  2. Breathing and Mucosal Path  (mouth, nose and eyes) – this is the dominant easiest path, and why respiratory infections are the most common.
  3. Wound Path – Entry directly into the blood stream through an open wound (hence the robust white blood cell and inflammation response)

But, when you inject Toxin & Viruses:

↪️ You circumvent the Detoxification Pathways of digestion and the liver.

↪️ You circumvent the mucosal innate defences of the Immune system through our airways.

↪️ You breach the initial firewall of wound defence and surface level defences. 

💣 Yep, your body, that categorically does not want non-self harmful toxins and viruses in the blood stream is immediately pushed into innate and adaptive Immune System responses, which are considered the LAST military-like defences.

😳 NOW the dosing argument above is NULL AND VOID. 100% of that payload of toxins is now in your bloodstream.

More Scepticism & Caution to be applied

🤔💉 All this to say, that more scrutiny, scepticism and caution MUST be applied to the testing, licensing, selling, administering and advocating of vaccines.

IT’S YOUR BODY. It’s your kids body. It’s your parents body. ❤️

💯 Make 100% sure that you are convinced that this invasive technology meets these three requirements:

  1. There is a substantial current health risk to YOU that must be mitigated through technology.
  2. There is unequivocal proof that said vaccine is safe for your health demographic – both short and long term safety.
  3. There is robust evidence that said vaccine produces a strong neutralising and long-lasting effect to your specific health demographic.

If YOU PERSONALLY have done the research to validate the above 3 conditions are met, then and only then should you roll up your sleeve.

Referenced Links: 

1 billion dose GSK AS03 Adjuvant agreement for COVID-19 vaccine, and the concerns linking it to narcolepsy and cataplexy in Swine Flue Pandemrix vaccine.


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