How was 2020, for YOU? What about 2021?

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❓What are your personal self-reflections on 2020? I suspect you experienced struggle of sorts, but how did you personally grow? Are you grateful for 2020 in some ways? Did you meet your expectations?

What score would you give 2020 out of 10?

🤷🏻‍♂️ AND… what will your resolutions(s) and focus be in 2021?

🙏🏼 Whatever you decide, hopefully AdapNation can be a force-for-good in some small way in your life this year.

If you’ve appreciated our truth-seeking analysis, brutally honest yet caring writing style, and utter focus on the REAL things that make a difference (vs misguided propaganda), then stay with us for more of the same in 2021.

💝 If owning 2021 with vitality and strength is the goal vs getting owned like last year, then I would encourage you to commit to YOU – however that looks for you.

🏅 It has to start with developing/strengthening your true-wellness knowledge and finding sustainable behaviours that help you #BeYourBest.

📺 To give some inspiration, watch this video. A link to read more in the comment below 👇🏼

I produced this video at the start of 2020 – who would have thought there would be such an enormous curveball thrown at us in what should have been a big year of progress?! 🤯

🤷🏻‍♂️ Does the message resonate and is it still relevant, even with the year we have just had? Please let me know your thoughts – don’t hold your punches 👇🏼

⏩ Next post… MY 2020 self-reflections and personal focus for 2021…

#BeYourBest in 2021 💖

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