2020 W52 Steve’s 2020 Self-Reflections & NY commitments

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Here’s my honest #SelfReflection on 2020 & personal #commitments to a much better 2021. Do you connect with any of these? What’s on your list? x 👇🏼


  1. Loss of daily structure due to SM engagement & COVID reading
  2. Allowed News to re-enter my life
  3. Too many despairing and apathetic days
  4. Lots of wasted time attempting to debate online with stubborn antagonists
  5. Weight Training effort and goals have suffered
  6. Quality and timing of Sleep has suffered
  7. Business & income objectives have suffered
  8. Created a COVID workload that is a heavy ongoing demand
  9. Spoke far too much about COVID in front of our kids
  10. Certain relationships have suffered and some have been lost forever


  1. Sharpened my critical and deep thinking skills
  2. Strengthened my ability to work with official epidemiological data
  3. Awareness of broader political and technocratic themes and drivers
  4. Much better at reading in between the lines of scientific literature and statements – to see what has been omitted
  5. Creating insights and a tone that resonates with those seeking deeper answers
  6. Finding a home for my skills that was welcomed and needed – fighting for truth and a healthy future
  7. Developed a much thicker skin to online personal attack
  8. A much better understanding of self, including what triggers me
  9. A much better read of the human condition and how people are deeply conflicted between emotion, competing info and cognitive dissonance
  10. Found a way as a parent to keep our kids minds centred, balanced and aware of fear-induced hysteria

Steve Katasi Self Reflections on 2020 and commitments to 2021


  1. Own making next year an 8/10 (or better), no matter what
  2. Foresee and practice acceptance with worse-case events around me
  3. Let Govt decisions, actions and messages wash over me
  4. Own our family happiness and experience – Know what truly makes us happy and replace/create them in our own little bubble
  5. No more energy to antagonists – if someone wants a fight or to smear, give them nothing. No more personal defence.
  6. Not let COVID own me – fully take my life and emotion back
  7. Diversify my time – potentially re-enter the corporate world to create personal space and balance
  8. Continue commitment to truth with purposeful in-context analysis and thoughtful reflections (COVID & others)
  9. Better balance between SM consumption & Researching vs other activities – need to accept Missing Stuff, losing some Relevance & Speed
  10. Hard & fast rules re Social Media consumption & commenting – better protect morning & pre-bed
#BeYourBest in 2021. #OwnIt

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  1. Thank you so much – as ever you are doing so much to keep us informed and sane. I don’t know how you manage to produce so much material. One of 2020’s heroes- you deserve a medal!

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