At some point, you have to ask… really?!?

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❓Please tell me how ANY OF THESE Govt measures are working? And no, “imagine how worse it would be otherwise” is not going to cut it. That ship of hysterical lazy-thinking has long sailed… 

What we are left with… can only be… complete utter #nonsense, as well as crimes against humanity.

😫 No matter how strong, irrefutable and frequent the evidence and science is against Masks, Lockdowns, Restrictions, School Closures, PCR Community Testing, Asymptomatic Transmission etc etc… it all just gets swept under the rug.

💉 No matter how LITTLE evidence there is for Vaccines being a “get out of jail” card, we push on relentlessly – in a combination of hope, fear, submission and blind faith.

🤫 Govt, NHS and the Public are sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming “la la la, la la la”. The many Smoking Guns against the govt nonsense end up being buried under a thick pile of even more Anti-science and Political persistence.

England COVID Casedemic Jan 2021

💡At some point, the penny will drop as a nation. Probably in years to come, when films, documentaries and books are made to describe and mock the “epidemic of irrational hysteria of 2020-2021 that swept across the globe”. 

😖 In time, people will nod along to the documentaries that expose the unprecedented criminality against humanity, that led to the decimation of economies, acceleration of state ownership, and created a lost generation (our kids).

🤦🏻‍♂️But, for now, we accept living in a house of mirrors…with the star attraction being the clown Bojo with his stooges and neurotic pseudo-scientific counsel.

Alas, I will not fall into despair.

🔮 There are no more surprises anymore. Just predictable nonsense, followed by more predictable nonsense, and the odd sycophantic statement to give us the sense that our willingness to be shackled is somehow good for humanity. 



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