Have we already achieved Herd Immunity

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This is the conversation the SAGE & Govt should be having… “have we achieved effective herd immunity already?” 👇🏼

Let’s not conflate NPI-induced ill health and death with the flu season, and conflate that with the PCR #casedemic.

Think through this…

With a calm rational mind, we must think through some of these metrics:

🔹 Are we really testing 354,000 people per day who have newly developed symptoms synonymous with a cold/flu in England? Please…

(the answer is clearly NO. So, let’s stop kidding ourselves that it’s only the symptomatic getting tested)

🔹We’ve produced 2.34M cases to date in England, with 1.72M of those coming from the last 2.5 months! Please…

🔹We MUST consider those not at risk of COVID as contributing to Herd Immunity. Add kids, to those with immunity from prior coronavirus infections, to those estimated to have been infected with SARS CoV2, and you get to 92% of the population!

🔹That leaves approximately a MAX of 4.8M unexposed adults in England, of which 1.1M or so will be over 65. Only those with sustained metabolic dysfunction and chronic conditions are statistically and biologically susceptible to severe-COVID related death.

England Herd Immunity Achieved

Herd Immunity Threshold

Vaccine manufacturers have long peddled this idea that you need 60% of the population vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

🎉 Well, by these logical and robustly evidenced approximations, we have 90% of the population that are effectively immune, thereby smashing through the Herd Immunity Threshold.

💉 All without a single dose of any experimental vaccine that we cannot be confident about in terms of durable efficacy or long-term safety.

Why, why, why?

So, the questions that keep surfacing:

❓Why are Govt’s creating a PCR perpetual Casedemic?

❓Why are we doubling down on non-evidenced Public Masking?

❓Why the tiers followed by yet another National Lockdown when mountains of empirical data and papers show no positive effect?

❓Why are we creating extra NHS burden through unsustainable policies/procedures, NPI-induced illnesses and a neurotic population?

❓Why is the COVID Case definition just a Positive PCR test without the need for Symptoms?

❓Why the blatant and willing gross misdiagnosis and mis-reporting?

❓Why the fanatical and highly dubious vaccine-love obsession to vaccinate the country against a disease that the super majority are currently immune to?



PHE Coronavirus Dashboard, ONS for population stats, & estimates of prior immunity/infected from Dr. Yeadon’s evidence-base

You can read how Dr. Yeadon arrived at his prior immunity and no. infected estimates within the comment below 👇🏼


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  1. Hi Anita, the daily figures are rubbish indeed, without the trace and isolate function they have no value at all!, and a you suggest are deeply fraudulent!, but of course highly profitable!.
    The trouble is that all the time we allow politicians to meddle in medical issues about which they know nothing we are stuck in an endless loop of lies and cheating!. Where I live the local ONS reports claim that we have forty six new ‘cases’, but that number is based on the number of positive tests divided by the number of citizens in the ward then multiplied by 100,000!, there are only about ten thousand people living here so the forty six has to be divided by ten!, that is 4.6 new cases’ in one whole week!. they are drowning us in lies, damn lies and statistics!. Cheers Richard.

  2. The daily testing figures are utter rubbish! There is no way on Earth that many people are being tested daily! Where are they being tested? People all over the country have filmed these so called testing stations and they have all been found to be empty, just a bunch of hitler youth security guards and the nurses and drs that are performing these useless tests!

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