The Truth behind the NHS COVID Winter Overwhelm

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The Truth behind the NHS Overwhelm Narrative 👇🏼

🧮 The data below is DIRECTLY from the NHS, using a combination of the daily & weekly COVID-associated and Critical Care SitReps.

🙄 Combine this with the regurgitated annual narrative of Hospital overwhelm for this time fo the year (see the 9 year Guardian look-back on their annual tabloid pieces) – linked in comment below 👇🏼…

…and this year is NON-NEWS. Statistically.

🤦🏻‍♂️ But, it’s NOT the raw numbers of patient throughput that is the issue this year. Nope. The real issues the NHS are experiencing is COMPLETELY of our own doing.

👀 Read through the graphic below and it should start coming into focus. Our issues are ones of reduced bed stock, bed flow issues, elevated staff absence, burdensome process, and serious  psychological fatigue fo staff.

The Truth Behind the NHS Winter COVID Overwhelm

Self-Induced Working Nightmare

ALL (as in 100%) as result of Govt and NHS interventions, and none explicitly due to the disease process or prevalence of COVID-19 or Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI’s).

🧪 ALL as a result of the PCR-fuelled #Casedemic. Stop the abuse of the PCR test, and the boiling NHS will reduce down to the annual simmer that see every winter.

And, LET’S BE CLEAR. We are not at breaking point from a Bed Stock perspective nationally – not even with reducing our stock levels by 22K this year due to social distanced wards!.

🦠 Over the last 45 days (which includes two lockdowns, stringent tiering & “the super variant”), we’ve maintained 8-9K unoccupied beds throughout.

🎚Lastly, you MUST bear this in mind. NHS are masters at efficient bed mgmt and knowing what levers to pull. The biggest lever is delaying non-urgent elective procedures. This lever is constantly being throttled up and down to respond to modelling, real-time acute pressures and staff levels.

You can read more about this process, and 8M+ Hospital Backlog  in the comment below 👇🏼


P.S. the blip in the left graphs is Christmas Day



NHS Daily & Weekly SitReps on COVID, Critical Care Bed Use & Historical Data for Q3 (Oct-Dec)


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