German Study on Impairments to Masked Children

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When there is a complete absence of evidence in community masking reducing respiratory infectious disease transmission, why are we doing this to our children’s physical, mental and emotional health?👇🏼

The below tables have been lifted directly from a German study just released (currently preprint) across 26K Masked Children. Link to the study is within the comment below👇🏼

❓If you are a parent, grandparent and/or teacher, how does this sobering reality make you feel?

😠 When will people stop and see the reality of these actions? It’s an abuse on children’s psychological and social development, with the potential to cause physical harm & developmental issues.

🐕 We wouldn’t attempt to cover the mouths of our cats and dogs with cloth. We wouldn’t dare attempt to mask chimpanzees or other wildlife. Muzzling is cruel enough.

⚠️ We’d see that as abusive and no- natural, with a concern of acute or long term damage.

😢 And yet, we’ll happily mask ourselves and our developing children that don’t have a say in any of this…

We truly are creating a LOST GENERATION.

German Study Masked Children

Will you be complicit?

❓Will you be complicit in handicapping your Child’s development and their future?

They are looking up to you to help make their lives safe, exciting, nourishing, joyous… and worth living.

❌ NOT to turn them into neurotic wrecks that have stunted education, no earned academic achievements/qualification, socially anxious, mentally and physically under developed, inheriting a decimated economy, limiting their freedom of expression and travel, and seriously limiting their career and vocational opportunities.

🥉Worthless 2nd Class Lepers that must sacrifice their youth, development and future due to utterly misplaced hoodwinked adult hysteria… where kids are at the BOTTOM of societies priorities.

👏🏼 Good one.

As a family, WE WILL NOT BE COMPLICIT in ruining our children’s lives, health and future.

🙅🏻‍♂️ We will not comply with anti-science nonsense, and we will do our level best to insulate their current lives and future from the atrocities of confused, scared  and power-drunk adults that should know better.

👉🏼 You do you. Whatever your choices, you will need to own them, and to live with them for the rest of your lives. You must own your child’s outcomes – not blame the govt.



Preprint German Children Masking Study linked in the below comment.


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