2019… the good old days

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2019 – when life was a lot lighter, and so many small things were taken for granted. Worries paled in comparison. In a year and a half, boy how life has changed….

How are you coping with it all? 

Has life got heavier, or have deeper anxieties developed? Has the last year aged you? Have you lost your way a little (or a lot)? Has your vision of your future shifted in any way? Have relationships been strained?

On the flip side – are there personal things over the last 12 months that you are deeply grateful for? As in, you’ll look back on the last year and be grateful for X that had a profound impact on how you live your life?

For me, it’s time to take back the reins. No more acquiescing my freedom, mental space, or future prospects. It’s time to take life off of pause now…

Steve Katasi - 2019


#BeYourBest (for you, your loved ones… for us)


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  1. Life is about the small things that I used to take for granted. Never will again. Thanks for keeping calm and carrying on! 😁

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