Why do we choose to not be happy?

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❤️ What a much needed read right now. Wow. I’m not woo, nor define myself as spiritual. But…

…what I do finally accept, is life’s pain is totally self-created.

🤯 There’s a difference between dealing with stuff vs choosing to be unhappy by resisting reality because you fear it.

💗 Big ideas that resonated —— Realising you are not your thoughts, and that resisting events in life because reality doesn’t meet your expectation just clings on to the negative energy you don’t want and prevents you feeling happy.

🙁 The ideas are rational and obvious, and yet I know I deeply struggle with acceptance. I make happiness contingent on the world and life being just so. I know that’s unhealthy and a fools errand, and yet I continue to resist and fight things that I know are wrong and/or harmful.

🏆 This book joins the ranks of big hitting books at the level of connecting with my soul – 

1️⃣ Letting Go

2️⃣ Second Mountain

3️⃣ Untethered Soul

🔦 Neither books asks a lot from you, but do illicit a lot of internal reflection and self-work. They shine a light on your behaviours, thoughts and feelings, and leave you WANTING to do self-work.

😊vs😔 – To stop torturing yourself. To choose to be happy and do good.

😬 BUT… and this is a big but, this year is the mother of all challenges for me and many others. These books weren’t written with this year in mind.

Untethered Soul Happiness Quote

❓How do you accept life, live in love and peace, and be unemotional when you see terrible decisions made that (negatively in my opinion) effect EVERYONE’s way of life?

❓How do you stay happy, yet act to correct the authoritarian wrongs around you that will induce more harm than they solve?

I guess it boils to this….

🛣 When I’m driving down the road, the white road markings don’t stress me out. I don’t notice them and my happiness is not contingent on them. Yet, for those whose job is roadworks, they may likely feel stress and frustration every time they drive down certain roads where the white lines have been done so poorly. It eats away at them.

🤯 What stresses and pains one person, does not even register for others.

🥳 Some people are absolutely fine with this year, and I know people who say it’s been one of the best years for them personally.

👍🏼/👎🏼 Our experiences come down to our expectations and beliefs, and whether we like the reality we choose to see, or instead decide to resist and fight it.

The million dollar question is then this:-


“How do I accept, love and be unconditionally happy with life (why would I choose otherwise), yet work on changing the ugly and damaging parts of human-created reality?”

Answers on a postcard, please. 👇🏼



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