What does & DOESN’T correlate with COVID-19 death rates

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“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results” ~Milton Friedman 👇🏼

🌍 160 Countries analysed, with paper published last week.

For those that are still falling for this idea that more action is better than less when it comes to COVID-19, and that we need authoritarian leadership to allay our fears of death and disease…

…have a word with yourself. It’s getting really old now. 🥱

⚠️ Whilst you’re at it, maybe you can invite Boris, Hancock, Whitty and Vallance to this conflab. They HAVE to stop this #fraud which is net-negative and destructive to health and society.

This analysis exposes what informed academics, scientists and non-institutional healthcare experts have been seeing since Spring – 

❗️There are important inherent qualities of the population, locality and economic systems that are the principle drivers behind POPULATION SUSCEPTIBILITY, and therefore COVID-associated deaths rates.

Published paper that shows lockdowns don't work

The graphical representation is part of the original work produced by the paper authors and scientists.

  • Larger the circle area, the stronger the correlation to COVID-19 Deaths per 100K. 
  • 🔵 Blue is positively correlated – e.g. higher obesity, the higher the death rate.
  • 🔴 Red is negatively correlated – e.g. higher the temperature, the lower the death rate.
  • ✕ signifies no correlation fo statistical relevance.





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  1. So much useful info here. Thanks so much Steve. Readers always need to bear in mind when they are interpreting any statistics, graphs etc though that a high proportion of what is now be being classifieds as CoVID is in reality other illnesses ( which are labelled CoVID is they have a PCR positive). PCR does not actually test exclusively for CoVID as other respiratory viruses can also trigger a positive. We have got a PCR driven false epidemic.

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