A guide to master Govt PsyOps

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A 75 page PHE document guiding our govt on how to master their PsyOps game. Great to know… 👇🏼

❓Think your thoughts and beliefs are your own? Think again.

You are almost exclusively a product of the state. A lifetime of propaganda.

😇😈 Not all desire to influence is malevolent. I would say much of these efforts are benevolent in nature. That does not mean their ideology is correct (it could even be harmful), nor that we should feel good about this discreet manipulation we are subject to.

🧠 The good news is, our fates aren’t sealed – as we all have the ability to critically think.  Combine that with the awareness of this strong desire for you to be manipulated – you can at least put a barrier between you and those that wish to mould your thinking, behaviours, belief and actions.

😫 However, unless enough people demonstrate awareness of the ongoing PsyOps showering down on them from nation states and powerful organisations, and they can critically think for themselves, the net result can be very uncomfortable for those that do. 

Minority thinking is uncomfortable. We’re a social species that hates ostracism and wants to fit in. To have a tribe. To be loved and appreciated.

Exec Summary from 75 Page Guide:

“This guide provides a structured approach to achieving behaviour change in support of policy objectives. It is based on an interdisciplinary approach known as the Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW) that was developed by integrating 19 behavioural science frameworks from many disciplines and sectors.”

UK Government Change Behaviour Wheel

👀 It’s worth taking a read of the approaches used to influence your thinking and behaviour…

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  1. It is no longer possible for government to accept questioning of the scientific basis of its policy objectives, since the social science of behavioural psychology decrees that to do so would undermine the policy objective of maintaining the compliant behaviour deemed necessary by the government’s science. A Kafkaesque situation.

    Social science is different to hard science for at least two reasons. Firstly, we observe other people with our own Theory of Mind, ie we make assumptions about is going on in their minds based on our own experience of having a mind. Secondly, there is a sort of feedback loop, because if people are aware of what is said about the way they behave and accept this analysis, it can affect the way they behave. So you can be studying your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The current government propaganda has the objective of curtailing human-to-human contact. Humans are an inherently physical and social species. Human nature cannot be changed overnight, only suppressed, so such the campaign is profoundly misanthropic. The government is making itself not only the enemy of the people, but of their very nature, instilling in their minds a hatred of the their own nature.

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