It seems Curiosity is Strictly Prohibited

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🚫 It seems that very quickly we are falling into a phase of inescapable authoritarianism. Genuine curiosity, questioning & the true essence of evidence-based science is no longer condoned. 

Effectively these behaviours are banned. By extension, progress will be limited to the direction and ideologies set forth by those that fund, control and restrict scientific endeavours – Govt’s, Mega Technocrats and Globalists.

🔪 To question ideas propagandised by authority is anarchistic, and as such you must be penalised with #ostracism, #ridicule, #censoring and leadership endorsed social #harassment.

🔬The scientific process is one of ongoing questioning and CHALLENGING existing hypotheses. Science is about attempting to disprove a hypothesis. Only the most watertight of hypotheses are considered universal laws, truth… FACT.

Such as – gravity. If The Earth’s gravity only followed the expected formula 50% of the time, then the hypothesis would clearly be wrong. Gravity has well and truly been proven to be real, and we’ve been able to characterise it accurately through mathematics.

🥎 It only takes one extreme example to turn our world upside down. If gravity worked as expected 99% of the time, but if I throw a ball made of a special material at a certain place in my garden and the ball disappears into outer space… then we may have unearthed a flaw in our understanding of gravity.

Don’t Ask Questions, Or…

Sorry for going esoteric on this. The point is, science is ONLY SCIENCE IF we are honest enough to keep asking questions and trying to break our current understanding. The ideas that are unbreakable and produce 100% consistent evidence are things we can rely on… for now.

🚫 BUT… that’s not how it’s ALLOWED to be these days.

😔 You cannot ask Questions, Challenge or be Sceptical of Scientific assertions without being lazily labelled a Conspiracy Theorist, Anti-[___], a shill, or plainly a nutter.

🚫💉 To ask searching and totally reasonable questions of brand new experimental vaccine technology is a NO GO. And you see that culturally. I see people going the extreme opposite with mocking “tin hat” quips to prove to those watching that they are not “one of those”.

🚫😷 You cannot challenge the LACK of irrefutable, consistent, or non-confounding science on Masks or Lockdowns without being thrown to the #wibble hyenas.

🚫🧪 You cannot question value of the mass-scale community testing using PCR Test without being called a COVID denier… with “denier” being the ad hominem du jour.

Curiosity is Prohibited

Truth As a Core Principle

The reason I write about this is… PRINCIPLES.

🤔 I am by default curious. I’m a serial questioner. From my families earliest memories I was known for the incessant questions. On my podcast, each and every guest says that I ask the most enjoyable and interesting questions. I don’t want the superficial answer, and I win’t accept an answer until I fully understand it. Much to the frustration to many fo my friends.

❓I have a Principle for Truth-Seeking and the right to Ask Tough Questions. The right to draw closer to the Truth, even if it’s ugly and inconvenient.

😫 It seems these qualities that are favoured by honest science and the nature of humans (before being conditioned), are now put on the naughty list… akin to robbery, vandalism and violence.

Because this is a Core Principle, I will not give up on our rights to ask questions, and to keep asking tough questions until good enough evidence-based answers are provided.

⚠️ Asking questions is VERY different to making statements. I encourage you all to awaken your critical mindset, be careful before stating something as fact, and demanding answers that cannot be easily disproved with the a null hypothesis.




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