The WHO are listening with EARS…

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The walls have E.A.R.S – Orwell’s Big Brother concept is well and truly here, as WHO gifts Hancock & co this spying tool 👇🏼 

We wrote about WHO’s Pandemic indoctrination/propaganda campaign that they started a year ago (Jan 2020) back In August.

👁 Let’s face it, WHO is a propaganda machine first and foremost. It’s all about online communication, content, and influencing public sentiment. Just look at their accounts to see how much of their $5bn spend goes on communication and content related people and services.

🤝 They’ve been tight with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube since the early days of the COVID narrative. Expressed through partnered COVID content, misinformation labels, and censoring all content that does not align with WHO’s ideology.

👂🏼They’ve been syphoning millions of comments and posts from these primary social media platforms for a great many months, with the goal to read sentiment and opinions, such that they plus nation states can SATURATE the online dialog with their ideology.

It doesn’t just stop with Social Media. They listen in Radio airwaves using AI (especially in third world countries), and they infiltrate community loudspeakers (e.g local church leaders) to help dominate the narrative as it relates to COVID.

😲 NOW, however, they’ve upped the anti. Leveraging API’s into Social Media platforms and AI to “listen” to online conversation, they are making their insights available to Health ministers globally via a real time dashboard.

Equipping the likes of Hancock and co with even more insight on how to overwhelm the public square with the narratives that best match their objectives and ideologies.

👂🏼The system is creepily called EARS – “Early AI-supported Response with Social listening tool”, and has analysed ~9.5M posts in just over a month!

❓And guess who’s leading the charge on a per capita basis?

🇬🇧 The UK, naturally. We looooooove a bit of Surveillance here.

You can check out the Press Release and the EARS Dashboard for yourself – links will be in the comment below.👇🏼

You can also check out WHO’s back catalog of Infodemic training and content – i.e. “how to do propaganda and censoring well”.👇🏼

WHO EARS Social Listening Platform

Misplaced Cynicism?

Yes, these reads cynically.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Maybe there is some upside to this work.

Personally having a corporate career, more data (well presented and actionable) is always favoured over less. Data is king these days – the most prized possession.

If given the opportunity to have more insight vs less, those looking to lead or manage will always choose more data. I don’t blame them for that propensity.

⛔️ BUT, lines are being crossed.

⬇️ Privacy is being eroded. Freedom to speak and express yourself is being suffocated.

More importantly, Globalists, Technocrats, and Nation States are building up ever more capable Public Manipulation platforms.

❓Do we really see it ending well if we turn into a culture expressed Orwell’s 1984?

❓Are we all destined to become a homogenous existence, where we are all programmed to think and behave in exactly the same way?

That, for me, is the opposite of progress. The opposite of science. And the opposite of being uniquely human.




All the WHO materials cited above are below, as well as our Infodemic coverage from Aug 2020.


The Original Facebook Post

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