England Mortality COVID Update – 2nd Feb 2021

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Latest ONS, PHE & FHM COVID data – 2nd Feb 2021 👇🏼

❗️We have a sustained material excess in Total Mortality. Our prior post explored the timing and volume correlations with some other factors outside of PCR Positive data.

🤧 Pneumonia deaths have surged in comparison to the 5 year averages. A weakened, damaged and frail body will experience more respiratory distress and failure – as we are seeing.

Winter vs Spring Excess Deaths peaks are markedly different, as is the lack of effect Lockdowns and many other restrictions/interventions are having on bending the curve.

❓It begs the question, did Lockdowns affect the shape and timing of the peak in April, as many claim?…

PCR Positivity Rate is tanking, whilst testing is continuing to ramp. This must be due to increasing proportions of tests conducted on those without respiratory illness symptoms – e.g. NHS, Business and Surveillance.

📉 In contrast, the ratio of Deaths to Positive tests has been increasing from the beginning of the third national lockdown.

Less positives, more winter deaths and more Lockdown-induced deaths, combined with winter lethality expectations of respiratory viruses are all contributing to this phenomenon…

…another blow for Lockdown effectiveness in terms of limiting fatal outcomes. 🔐

England COVID Update - 2nd Feb 2021

Excess Deaths Setting Stats

🔹Home Setting – 39K out of 45K Excess Deaths NOT due to COVID-19

🔹Care Home Setting – 11K out of 28K Excess Deaths NOT due to COVID-19

🔹Hospital Setting – Experienced a 23K Excess Deaths, all attributed to COVID-19. Non PCR Positive Deaths are down 12K

The above Excess Deaths per Setting are based on a timeframe between Mid March to 22nd Jan 2021.




All interactive graphs from Covid+ Insights dashboard (link in comment below 👇🏼

Raw data from ONS, PHE, NHS & FHM time series reports downloadable within each graph – updated 2nd Feb 2021

AdapNation COVID+ Insights
COVID+Insights Dashboard

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