Vaccine Coverage & Mortality – is there any correlation?

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Correlation does NOT EQUAL causation, but it would be negligent and anti-scientific to not investigate these correlations 👇🏼

The below graph pulls data from today’s ONS Weekly Deaths report and PHE’s Coronavirus dashboard.

80-90% of over 80’s and 50%+ of over 70 year olds have received a first dose of one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

💉 Said another way, the super majority of the most vulnerable to severe acute respiratory infection and/or vaccine injury have had at least one interaction with the experimental biologics – during the natural peaking of the Total Mortality in England/UK.

Autumn/Winter Lockdowns bookmark the divergence of Total Mortality from the 5 Year Average. Not a good story so far…

UK Vaccine Coverage & Total Mortality

😷 All the while, robust laws on public masking, public social distancing, and a handicapped healthcare service due to onerous COVID policies.

❓How about we layer in these inputs and changes into the analysis, versus exclusively looking at data derived from the PCR Testing campaign?

🧐 Let’s be clear, there WILL be a post-mortem on the last 12 months at some point. Honest analysis and considering the impacts of all variables will be deeply scrutinised. The problem is, it will be long after the horse as bolted, and once the damage has been done.

❗️I think it’s time we see the Post-Vaccine Death figures for the UK – like the US are doing (ish). Assuming the data are non-dramatic and encouraging regarding short-term safety, it would help TREMENDOUSLY to have transparent data shared ASAP.

No one wants there to be a problem. We have the data – i.e. deaths of those who have had a vaccine dose within 28 days. So, let’s get sharing, and let’s allay the concerns and dismiss the hypotheses…




ONS Weekly Deaths Data & PHE Coronavirus Dashboard, 2nd Feb 2021


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