Phone use is out of control…

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Confession – my mobile phone use is out of control. The social isolation of 2020 has well and truly fuelled my device addiction. How you coping?

😳 My average mobile phone use is 5h with 60-70 pickups. Mostly spent on social media engagement (AdapNation). Podcasts, Safari, Training app, Books get a look in… but dwarfed by SM.

📱Last weekend it felt like I was constantly head in my phone. It was a nice weekend, great food, family time, a couple walks in the country, got some important life jobs done… but the dominant feature was all of us on our devices.

I know what to do. I’ve spoken at length to experts on addiction and managing distraction on our deep-dive podcast.

🙈 And yet, being at home with no rules, a lack of real (diverse) social interaction, and no public dynamic to work within and be conscious of… I default to my mobile in between the laptop, eating, sleeping and family interactions.

Steve Katasi on his mobile... again

Anyhoo. I just wanted to share this tech battle of mine – that is having a detrimental effect on my productivity, presence and wellbeing.

I suspect many are going through something similar, and have deepened the addictions to their device and SM over the last 12 months.

First step of dealing with a problem or addiction is being brutally honest that you have one, and you don’t like the person you’ve become and where it is has and will lead you.





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  1. interesting thoughts, I definitely feel the same, what’s your next strategy for it?, found your website through the brian keane online business podcast.

  2. I use Appblock on my Android which blocks any apps I tend to use compulsively e.g. Youtube.
    After blocking them I realised how empty my life really was…

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