Dr. Simone Gold with some COVID Gold

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A well articulated, credible, and genuinely concerned speech by a board certified medical doctor & emergency physician 👇🏼

🎤 This is a 56min speech by Dr Simone Gold, filmed a couple weeks ago at some recurrent 3-4h Faith-based event called The Stand. No religious messaging or inferences in this segment.

👩🏻‍⚕️Dr. Simone Gold – an American doctor who has committed her life to healthcare – made a stand against the Govt and MSM COVID miss/dis information earlier last year and founded America’s Frontline Doctors.

🤔 She was fired from her medical posts due to her individual medical assessment to prescribe the run-of-the-mill yet politically contested HCQ to her COVID patients… whom recovered rapidly.

💝 I see no malice in Dr. Gold. No ill intentions. No hyperbole or sensationalism. Instead I see a women who cares deeply, is scientifically astute, is no longer constrained by her healthcare employers, and is willing to passionately lead in spite of the personal consequences she faces.

What I see here is a women who is driven by PRINCIPLES.

❣️ Honesty, Scientific Rigour, Family, and her Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm”.

I seldom watch YouTube – I don’t have the time. I made an exception here, listening at 1.5x speed whilst taking the dog for a walk (phone in pocket).

It’s worth a listen/watch IMO. 

👁 In our quest for an accurate read of this perpetual and authoritarian COVID response situation, we must consume info widely and stitch together truth ourselves. Dr. Gold may be of some help. 


📺 56min SPEECH by Dr. Simone Gold, early Jan 2021


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    1. A very weak fact-check – as most of them are. Following a standard protocol of smearing, picking off factoids they can argue against semantically, whilst not addressing the body of the content.

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