It’s not your fault.

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None of this is your fault, or the fault of the everyday person. Please remember this. Let your loved ones know this 👇🏼

❓If someone is mentally or physically abused as a young child, is it their fault if that experience changes them? If it changes what they think of themselves, what they think of others, and in general their belief systems?

❓What about if that young child is taught to not only endure the inflicted suffering, but to accept it as a fact of life? To be truly indoctrinated such that this IS THEIR NORMAL.

😥 Why would they look elsewhere? Why would they attempt to validate if their very existence is normal or not? To them, it’s life. It’s fact… and they will wear all the psychological baggage that comes along with these beliefs about themselves and the world.

Nobody asked for…

❌ Nobody asked for the govt strong-arming of the public. Noboby asked for the 24×7 mainstream media indoctrination and obsessional scaremongering re COVID.

❌ Nobody asked to be whipped into a perpetual hysterical frenzy.

❌ Nobody asked for their beliefs and worldview to be totally rewired – a feat considered almost impossible by psychologists.

❌ Nobody asked to be mandated to wear masks, abandon handshakes and hugs, and to be frightened by their family and children.

❌ Nobody asked for societal and economic destruction.

In 2019, risk was attached to driving too fast, taking drugs, smoking, dangerous jobs, unprotected intercourse, motorcycles, crap diets, insecure heights etc.

😕 Now, risk is attached to walking out of your door. Having any semblance of a social life. Meeting your extended family. Shopping. Breathing without a mask.

❌ Nobody asked to be rewired.

❌ Nobody asked to form increasing fault lines in society. Politics, morals, religion, diet, work ethic, race, social groups, sport were more than enough…

…now we have Masks, Lockdowns, Physical Distance, PCR Testing and Vaccines to stoke the fire. To increase the gap. To create Tribalism. To further break society. 😢

We know what we’re told

Nobody asked for any of this.

🙏🏼 So, whatever your beliefs are regarding current COVID risks and the appropriateness of government actions and mandates, please come from a place of understanding.

If it wasn’t for the mainstream scaremongering, the anti-scientific colossal gambles made by government, the out of control PCR testing, the unshakable vaccine ideology, and quite frankly the TOO BIG TO FAIL enormity of national and global positions of this SARS CoV2 outbreak, people’s beliefs would be VERY DIFFERENT to what they are today.

That’s not meant to deny the impact of SARS CoV2. Instead, for us to acknowledge that people think what they think because…

…that’s what they have been told to think.💭

🗺 If we were told something different, as a public we would think differently today. Same reality, different framing.

COVID is not your fault

Let’s make something of 2021

🙏🏼 2021 has just got started. There’s another 11.5 months left. Whatever you decide to believe and therefore act… make sure you make something of this year.

Let’s not have another write off.

❓Help those around you realise that life is for living. If we’re not living, and have nothing to look forward to, then why are we so desperately trying to protect ’emptiness’, ‘nothingness’ and loneliness?

📝 We all signed up to a contract at birth – that death is a certainty. We have little control of when, how and level of suffering, no matter your age.

We can control our wellbeing and health, but that does not equal immortality, and it doesn’t account for the unlimited ways our life can be taken outside of a having a diseased body.

❤️ Near death experiences seem to be consistent in effect. Those survivors finally realise the key to life… LIVE EVERY DAY IS IF IT WERE YOUR LAST.

🤷🏻‍♂️ That doesn’t mean attempting to make it your last. It means make a commitment to enjoy the days you have on this earth, because you don’t how many you have left, and your last day will not come with a countdown.

Care & Support vs Judge and Force

💗 So, when you connect with friends and family, especially your elders that may be totally driven by fear served up by MSM (through no fault of their own), please treat them with care.

😕 Fear is a powerful force – sitting just behind (true) Love. It’s unlikely you will break the spell of indoctrinated fear. You are David, and MSM & Govt and Goliath.

💞 Just let them know you love them, You care for them. And let them know none of this is their fault.

❗️Their new belief system has been done to them. It wasn’t a choice.

That said, it can be a choice to see things differently (with a lot of self-drive and curiosity).

If they want a balance of information, point them to resources that place scientific honesty and integrity high on their code of ethics. Don’t force your beliefs and knowledge on to them.

⚖️ And most of all, don’t force them to act in a way that will bring more anxiety and fear. Their choices have to be theirs, based on their understanding, their priorities in life, and their personal risk assessment.




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