MUST SEE: The New Normal Documentary

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“Ok ok, but WHY?! You think they’re cooking the numbers and fuelling fear. Why? Our govts are too useless to conspire!” 

👏🏼 After 100+ direct messages urging us watch this documentary – now I see why.

📺 VIDEO: 53min narrated documentary film- The New Normal Documentary – LINK below👇🏼

🤷🏻‍♂️ The clip here asks the films conclusive questions to the audience and shows sparks of hope that authoritarianism will not persist forever in civilised countries. 

Watch the documentary to make up you mind on the answer…

The New Normal Documentary
The New Normal Documentary – click to watch

It’s a powerful journalistic piece where it does NOT lead the witness, but merely documents what is publicly stated and available. 

☑️ It asks questions, but makes no assertions.

🔍 Whatever level of thinking and multifaceted research you may have done to better understand potential motivations for the regimes that will persist post-COVID, this documentary should feature in your exploration.

🧠 You owe it to yourself to know what we are all signing up to. Whether you know it or not, or like it or not.

🤷🏻‍♂️ The changes be thrust upon the globe, in which COVID was the key catalyst to accelerate untenable societal and economical change, may genuinely be both RIGHT & BETTER.

📣 But, and this is critical, we should be clearly informed of the intentions, plans and global coordination – if in fact that is what is happening.

Let’s all get on the same page. Let’s be eyes wide open as we step into the new Industrial Revolution that we did not vote for or see coming.

👥 Then, let’s discuss if this concept holds water, and if it’s desirable. Let’s stop dismissing the idea that COVID has set in motion massive global change to our future way of living…

#FactsNotFear #ButWhy



📺  The New Normal Documentary aired in Jan 2021

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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for your great effort. There are so many sheep here in Toronto, I may have to try to wake these people up. I think they watch too much of the “flood the zone” television.
    Be well,

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