SAGA says: No Jab, No Holiday

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SAGA has made their move: “No Jab, No Holiday”. 👇🏼

❓What do you think? Are SAGA making the right call?

This is very dangerous territory of corporate medical discrimination and coercion to participate in medical procedures.

⚠️ Especially when these experimental biologics have scant data on long term safety, short term injuries associations, the prevention of transmission, the prevention of infection, the prevention of severe/fatal outcomes, or protection durability.

The only thing we can be certain of, is that mass vaccination is not directly leading to mass death – i.e. the immunisation effort to date is not predictably causing the rapid onset of severe acute illness across the masses.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Beyond that, how can anyone know anything more?

There is absolutely zero signal in the UK that the immunisation effort to date is having a positive effect. How can we know this given the numbers?

❌ All the COVID and Total Mortality data give us no clue whatsoever if these vaccines are having a positive effect.

We do know we have sizeable seasonality burdens, lockdown-induced health burdens, and an insanely scaled testing programme that has a myriad of deeply concerning issues regarding usefulness of reporting.

SAGA says No Jab, No Holiday

It’s a risk game, that’s for sure

🤷🏻‍♂️ The punt on these experimental biologics may prove to be the right answer for the aged. Or, we may find out in time that it was (a) a complete waste of energy and resources and/or (2) health and freedoms have ben negatively effected.

Either way, our Govt’s know that forced vaccination is a non-starter under the Nuremburg Code. I am confident we won’t see non-consenting forced vaccination.

⛸ But, when corporates can make up their own medical and health discrimination rules of employment and service use, and therefore in part be complicit in coercing the public to take these experimental biologics – they are skating awfully close to the edge of law and our inalienable constitutional rights.

❓How many other corporate will join SAGA? What other quid pro quo arrangements will be put in place by our Govt or public service providers such as schools and transport?

👩🏻‍⚖️ One thing is for certain. We can expect the court rooms to get awfully busy in the coming months as legal action is taken against those that choose to discriminate based on peoples participation to “voluntary” vaccination with experimental biologics.





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One thought on “SAGA says: No Jab, No Holiday

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  1. Hi Steve Katasi, it seems to me that as long as the company apply the same rule to all customers without prejudice that is up to them!, that they might find themselves a risk from claims of harm as a direct consequence of the vaccine that is a risk they take, after all no-one is forced to take their holiday with them!, the same freedoms must apply equally to all!, there are already a significant number of similar demands made on customers for a variety of diseases, admittedly all much more dangerous but this is nothing new, I had to have a bunch of jabs before I went to Sri Lanka!.
    Cheers, Richard.

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