Understanding Your Immune System & T-Cell Immunity to COVID

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Your Immune System – the most advanced and beautifully orchestrated creation of natural evolution 👇🏼

‼️ And guess what, 81% of those unexposed to SARS-CoV2 have T Cell immunity! A new published study in the journal Nature confirms the detail that has been known scientifically for months. 👇🏼

👌🏼 Yes, 81% of people unexposed to the latest #coronavirus has de facto immunity to #COVID19 due to cross-reactive T cells that have been acquired through other common cold infections.

⛔️ Better still, your Innate Protection from mucous membranes and the like do a great job of stopping an infection by not allowing the #coronavirus to sufficiently enter.

👎🏼 Meaning, most of the PCR tests will be picking up dead viral particles – either by Innate Protection elimination, or as a bi-product of your Adaptive Immune System memory from T Cells, B Cells and Antibodies destroying the virus quickly.

😬 i.e. large majority of False Results.

Understanding the immune system

🤩 Amazing huh? So is our Innate Immunity general response, that does a great job of generally not allowing non-self pathogens from taking over. The symptoms of feeling unwell are all perfectly deliberate.

🤒 The big systemic issues behind serious #covid cases is the lack of cytokine regulation (due to Vit D deficiency), compromised Innate Protection, and malfunctioning and malnourished immune system due to Metabolic Syndrome.

🙌🏼 The great news is that you have agency, and your ability to nourish and support your immune system is straight forward and has a rapid recovery time.

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