The NHS Track & Trace Operation: Isolating the Country

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Data and flow chart directly from DHSC. How do YOU FEEL about this?

😫 Those being contacted to self isolate has doubled in the last 4 weeks. If that monthly doubling continued, we would have approx 435,000 simultaneously isolating in early Nov.

🤦🏻‍♂️ This is added to the 12.7M people in England under current lockdowns (23). Oh, and the masks, rule of six, curfew, and myriad of school/life restrictions.

❗️This IS THE PROBLEM when you have a hyper testing strategy of the general population that informs Govt policy, combined with a test that is absolutely NOT fit-for-purpose & low subject viral prevalence.

To read more about the NHS Test & Trace Operations, check out their weekly update below, released yesterday. 👇🏼

To learn more about the scale of the false results saga, check out the post within the comments. 👇🏼

Is this OK with you❓

Issues with the NHS Track & Trace Operation

The Original Facebook Post

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