#100: 101 on Losing Fat For Good! Revisited (2 parter)

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The BIIIIIG question.

How do we as a species struggle so deeply with managing a healthy and athletic weight? We seem to be the only ‘animal’ that has undesirable and uncontrollable weight gain – spreading like a virus across modern societies. What gives?

We cover this, and much much more in this info packed two parter. Our best attempt in providing you the keys to a great body AND great health… for the rest of your life.

It’s time to revisit FAT LOSS on the podcast. It’s a common thread in our discussions of course, but our last comprehensive 101 on how to lose and keep fat off was in Ep13-15!

Our knowledge and experience has developed. There is nuance in our recommendations, and a couple new effective ideas have been embraced with great effect in the last 15 months.

Hope you enjoy it! #BeYourBest

AdapNation Losing Weight For Good Part 1
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Here’s what you’ll learn:

PART 1 – Why We’re Fat?

The Five Big Issues
  1. Overfed but malnourished
  2. We’re addicted
  3. Mass confusion
  4. Bioindividual negligence
  5. Reverting back to ’normal’ after dieting

The Role of Master Hormones Insulin and Leptin – Addictive-Like Foodstuffs – we list the top four biggies driving over consumption

The Lies – The Top 9 Lies that have fuelled our obesity epidemic

PART 2 – The Principles

Calories and Movement
  1. Understanding calorie requirements, TDEE calculations, BMR, NEAT and TEF
  2. Deciding on a Calorie Deficit – pros/cons of Slow vs Aggressive approaches
  3. Necessity of keeping nutrients high
  4. How often to Weight yourself and analyse
  5. Why to make moving more, not exercise, the priority
  6. Avoid weight loss plateaus and giving up with Refeeds
  7. How to things about training to complement your weight loss goals
Macros and Nutrition
  1. Calories king for fat loss
  2. Nutrient Density is King for Wellness
  3. Prioritise Protein
  4. Embrace Real Fat
  5. Use Balance for Carbs
Fat Loss Strategies and Considerations
  1. How to choose between Slow and Long Deficits vs Aggressive Short Cuts
  2. How to keep Nutrient Density high, and the issues if not…
  3. Fasting For Weight Loss – Intermittent (IF), OMAD or Multi Day – how-to and should you?
  4. Calorie Cycling – or 5:2 / Carb Cycling. What is it, and why to consider?
  5. How and why to embrace Calorie Counting
  6. How to Eat Out regularly whilst keeping to your diet
  7. How a lack Sleep could be effecting your weight and health
  8. How to Calorie Plan, and should you Meal Prep?
  9. The After Diet Life – how to think about your diet, and post-diet

References made within the show:

▪︎ The Weight Loss Guide (3 parter)

▪︎ Online TDEE Calculator

▪︎ IIFYM+ Thrive Eating Approach

▪︎ Happy Scale– weight trending app

▪︎ Guide to Eating Out Whilst Dieting

▪︎ The Importance of Sleep

▪︎ Calorie Planner Tool


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