Turn Off The Blue Light For Better Sleep

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We know how it is, it’s been a busy day and all we want to do is wind down with some time on the sofa watching TV and catching up on social media. But this comes with a price to pay and unfortunately, we receive blue light from fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, and most devices with digital screens.

Being exposed to the blue light from our screens before bed can cause sleep cycle disruption, which may also carry over to affect drowsiness and energy metabolism the following morning.

One easy method of improving sleep quality is to avoid any exposure to blue light before bed. Banishing the blue light 1-3hrs beforehand will be the most effective method, however, if you are someone that needs to work late or can’t do without your TV before bed, then there are a few blue light filters out there that you can use. Most phones and laptops have a built in blue blocker settings now. You can also purchased amber coloured lenses to wear whilst watching TV which also helps to block the blue light.



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