Basa Fish, Chilli-Lime Rice & Veg


Calories: 743kcal

Macros: 58g Protein, 80g Carb & 23g Fat


A filling low-fat dinner, combining healthy lean fish, gluten-free white rice and tasty veggies that are known to be good for your gut health.


  • Bassa Fish – 2 fillets / 265g
  • Sweet Chilli & Lime Rice (Tilda) – 250g
  • Leeks – 90g
  • Sweet & smoky shredded Beetroot – 50g
  • Tendertstem Broccoli – 60g
  • Butter – 15g


The good thing with white rice is that it contains less Lectins (plant’s defensive mechanism against predators) that brown/wholegrain rice, and offers a clean volume of carbs. Bassa fish, like most white fish, is lean and very healthy, and has a nice bite without being too fishy. Leeks, Beetroot and and Tenderstem Broccoli are favourite veggie choices due to their macronutrient profile and prebiotic benefits for you healthy gut bacteria.


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