APR-19 LADIES #HyperWorkouts – 6 w Gym Workout Plan

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3x DAY Hypertrophy Ladies Gym Workout Plan – 6-week Flexible + Volume-Centric Resistance Training, where the focus is on achieving Progressive Overload from session to session whilst offering flexibility and variation.

Read on for the APR-19 #HyperWorkouts Ladies Gym Workout Plan that contains 3x 60-80min workouts, each with their accompanying Instagram & Youtube videos, plus workout lists for each day.


  1. Gym Workout Plan Objectives
  2. Gym Workout Plan Assets – mobile-friendly program/workouts downloads, workout videos and training block guidance
  3. Free Automatic Routine Import into HeavySet iOS App & video guide
  4. Who this weight lifting Workout Plan is best suited to
  5. Useful Resources for further reading, depending on goal & current knowledge
  6. And for the gym geeks, the Design Principles and other Training Pointers


  1. Develop Overall Strength, CNS Control & Biomechanical Function with the Big Compound Lifts
  2. Full Body Muscle Development (Hypertrophy) to tone and develop strong curves
  3. Escalating Volume Goals, to ensure there is deliberate weekly progressively overload
  4. Introducing Careful Variety by allowing exercise options and free play. Creating the opportunity to make every workout difference an interesting

IMPORTANT: Can be used for Lowering, Increasing or Maintaining Bodyweight. The critical factor to which path you take on this ladies gym routine will be your diet.


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APR-19 L #HyperWorkouts - LADIES Weight Lifting Gym Workout Plan & Gym Program
Save image and print out for use in the gym

APR-19 LADIES Workout Plan Guidance

  1. Use HeavySet to track each workout so overall volume can be logged
  2. 7-10%+ On Repeat – Each time a Session is repeated, aim 7%+ increase in Training Volume
  3. Exercise Pairs 1-5 – choose one of these exercises, based on preference that day
  4. Exercise 1 – Heavy / Strength lift, so aim for 6-8 reps with max 1 rep left in reserve
  5. Exercise 2-6 – Eccentric Focus with Good Form. Slow the lowering portion of each rep
  6. Exercise 6 (Freeplay) – choose any exercise or a supperset pair that matches the session focus
  7. Volume & Bodyweight – log weights only, unless an exercise is bodyweight dependant
  8. Workout Flexibility – In addition to exercises, you have flexibility in Reps, Sets, Weight & Rest.
  9. Workout Finisher – These are optional. If you have time/energy/desire, choose one of the four options.

For more info on the weight lifting routine design, training pointer specific to this workout routine, and some general gym guidance, advance to the PRINCIPLES & POINTERS section.



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Or, check out the full YouTube Workout video for SESSION 1.

APR-19 L #HyperWorkouts - Session 1 - Ladies Weight Lifting Gym Workout Plan & Gym Program
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Or, check out the full YouTube Workout video for SESSION 2.

APR-19 L #HyperWorkouts - Session 2 - Ladies Weight Lifting Gym Workout Plan & Gym Program
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Or, check out the full YouTube Workout video for SESSION 3.

APR-19 Ladies #HyperWorkouts - Session 3 - Ladies Weight Lifting Gym Workout Plan & Gym Program
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IMPORT & Start Training Right Away!

If you don’t measure, you can’t manage. Plus, if you want to efficiently get started and blitz through these workouts, there is no better solution than to get this entire ladies weight training plan loaded up into HeavySet with just a couple clicks.

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The best of both worlds – Expert Programming on the Best Weight LiftingTraining App!

Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1: Install HeavySet iOS App and accept terms (you can perform 2x workouts for free)

STEP 2: Press the button below to load data into HeavySet

STEP 3: Open up the HeavySet app, where it will recognise the routine to import. Click Import and Choose.
STEP 4: Train! Just click on the imported Folder, and select Day 1. Hope you’re in your gym gear already…

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How to use #HyperWorkouts in HeavySet?



Anyone can pick up this workout program and benefit. Whether it’s ladies wishing to lose weight and tone up, beginner guys who wants to develop a muscular physique, or for seasoned intermediate lifters who want to develop greater strength and build more muscle mass. No age, capability or sex bias here – anyone can make progress with this well-rounded workout plan.

P.S. There are Generic #HyperWorkouts Gym Workout Plans too (for guys and girls), if you’re looking for something different and don’t need more female-focussed programming.

What’s Critical to Note is this…

You can’t out-train a bad diet, and any physique goal must be paired with a diet plan/approach that helps support either Building Muscle OR Losing Fat (you have to choose, unfortunately).

You can use this Ladies Gym Workout Plan as part of a Calorie Surplus to build stronger curves through adding a little extra lean muscle – the reality of ‘toning up’. You can also use this Gym Workout Plan as part of a Calorie Deficit (a Cut), to help retain your muscle tissue as you lose body fat, and as a great means of increasing your overall energy expenditure (TDEE).


A. Learn How To Best Leverage Your Monthly Cycle

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B. Understanding The Importance Of Progressive Overload

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D. If You Want To Lose Weight (& not necessarily build muscle)

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  1. Lift Heavy on Exercise 1 – This is where you will direct a big portion of your mental and physical energy towards. You should be at an RPE of 7-8 / 80-85% 1RM.
  2. Full-Body – whilst the focus of any day is one of the primary Compound Lifts, this workout program has been designed to ensure you’re getting a demanding full body workout every session. Furthermore, a focus on different aspects, angles and planes added into each workout.
  3. Daily Undulating Periodisation (DUP) – A fancy term for explaining there are different rep ranges within each workout, to stimulate different muscle fibres and energy systems.
  4. Workout Volume Tracking & Goal Setting – Even more so with this training block, there is a need to track every set within a workout. In HeavySet, you can review prior workout volume and get a realtime read on current workout volume. Aim to add 7-10% extra volume from the prior session of a given workout.
  5. Don’t Peak Too Soon! – Avoid having an enormous week 1 in terms of workout volume, and/or going for huge 15%+ volume increases from week-to-week. You won’t be able to keep up by the backend of the 8 weeks. Just FYI, the difference between 7% and 10% week-on-week volume increase is a 72% vs 114% increase in week 1 volume by week 8! Both are massive victories!
  6. Workout Flexibility – Within HeavySet, you can select the name of the current Exercise and either skip or move to an alternative programmed exercise. You will be skipping one of each exercise pair (1-5).
  7. Adding More Work – Within HeavySet, you can add more sets easily across any exercise. You could choose to partially or fully do some of the alternative exercise pairs. You can also easily add in adhoc exercises, which will make up the Free Play (exercise 6) slot.
  8. Choosing Relevant Free Play Exercise(s) – Each day suggests the muscle group for the Free Play exercise or superset. This could be one of your favourite exercises, or focussing on your lagging body parts.
  9. Finisher Is Optional – If you’re working hard enough, the little finishers are a little bonus if you have the energy or you need for a little cardio, HIIT or Abs work. 5-10mins only – don’t burn yourself out.


  1. Progressive Overload is the Most Important Thing – The name of the game is to progress in some fashion every week. This creates a stress response that results in muscle damage followed by repair and body adaptation. So, always aim to improve each lift from week-to-week. Whether it’s more weight (with good form), another set or a couple more reps. Ultimately, you’re looking for more volume from week-to-week (Volume = Weight x Sets x Reps). This Podcast walks you through Progressive Overload and all the ways to do it.
  2. The Non-Essential Mobility & Pre-Activation/Power Drills are designed to be completed in 5-10mins Max – You don’t need to do them per se, as they are not core to you burning calories or taxing your body. They are there to prime your body for the functional movements of the day. I personally always do them, but if you feel good to crack on as soon as you walk through the gym, then go for it. You can also do these in between your sets, should you feel a bit tight or are missing mind-muscle connection.
  3. Warming Up Recommendations – I would always do 5-10mins of walking / light cycling or 1-2mins of skipping rope to get the blood flowing and raise my body temperature before getting started. In addition, I recommend completing a few escalating Warm Up sets ahead of your big Compound Lift for the day (exercise 1). It’s a bad idea to get straight into the maximum weight without a few lighter practice sets.
  4. The Role of Cardio – For a deep dive into the pros and cons of cardio, I would recommend you list to this AdapNation Podcast – #4: Cardio Pro and Con Deep Dive. In summary, if you are not training to be an endurance athlete, and cardio is purely a means to burn calories for you, then for the most part you can switch cardio for resistance training. The 5-10mins moderate steady state cardio (or you can do HIIT cardio) finishers are more for active recovery after weight training and getting some stress-relieving deep breaths in, versus the calorie burn.
  5. Increase your NEAT for greater Calorie Burn & Weight Loss – instead of doing loads of cardio exercise, I would generally recommend you increase your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Basically, your moving around during the day. Go for walks, stand up regularly from your desk, do housework, yoga, get your steps in etc. You have the chance to burn significantly more calories through NEAT than pounding the streets for 30-60mins.
  6. Expect a 250-400 Calorie Burn, plus More! – This of course will depend on your weight, muscle mass and workout intensity, but this is a realistic calorie burn range. Moreover, there then is the recovery energy needed to repair which is yet more calories burned. Even better still, the more lean mass on your frame, the higher your BMR is – as in, you burn more calories every day just by having more muscle. It’s a beautiful thing! Michelle uses an Apple Watch to estimate my calorie burn during exercise and during the day.


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