#74: The Lifting App You Need! – with HeavySet Founder Daniel Wood

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This episode is dedicated to the exciting collaboration and technical integration between AdapNation #HyperWorkouts and HeavySet iOS App.

If you like weight training and want to make serious progress, you need good programming, consistency, sufficient nutrition and to progressively overload.

It sounds academic, and for many people intuitive. You need to lift increasingly heavier stuff more often to get bigger and stronger. However, training well and being deliberate with progressive overload is not straight forward.

A great series of annual training blocks combined with a killer app that helps take care of all the detail and helps you make deliberate progress is what you need. And that’s exactly what this collab brings. So, we interview the founder and creator of HeavySet – Daniel Wood, to get a deeper dive into the app, it’s inspiration and also the space of mobile app development.

If you’re keen on making your gym efforts more productive and enjoyable, then listening into this and checking out the APR-19 #HyperWorkouts Training Block is well worth your time. Also, if you’re curious about what it takes to make popular profitable apps, there’s some great insight into this episode.

HeavySet – a lifting app done proper, by someone who lifts and can code!

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ What was missing with #HyperWorkouts that HeavySet fills perfectly?

2️⃣ How Dan established a career in software and fitness app development

3️⃣ The creation of HeavySet & Seconds – what gaps were missing in the marketplace?

4️⃣ The pinch yourself moment of Apple/Joe Wicks public promotion of Seconds

5️⃣ Business insights into downloads rates, the competition and App Store performance

6️⃣ What makes HeavySet unique? What is its value proposition? Why Steve love’s it.

7️⃣ Flexible Use and Function over Glossiness – the power behind this deliberate design principle

8️⃣ Describing the seamless and powerful integration between AdapNation #HyperWorkouts and Heavyset

9️⃣ How HeavySet caters for the innovative and specific training block design seen in APR-19 #HyperWorkouts

🔟 What features are coming for both HeavySet and Seconds (the mega popular interval training app)

Getting your hands on the goodness!

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