An Intro — Bryn’s Body ‘Journey’ and 2018 Goals

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I’m what you would call the typical ‘hard gainer’; the skinny weak kid who has always struggled to put on weight, and gone from the dreaded ‘skinny fat’ (left) to a stone heavier (right) with less body fat and more muscle. I am not a finished product by any means! So join me on my journey towards reaching my full potential, where I hope to teach and inspire you along the way so you can reach your full potential too.

In My Late Teens and 20’s

I still remember my first gym induction at the age of 16! Since then I’ve been hooked, but as you can see below, in my early 20’s I was still far from being muscular and had noodle arms. Although I trained, I never took it seriously enough and used to be the typical ‘live for the weekend’ guy going out drinking with my friends and eating what I wanted, only to start Monday feeling tired and unmotivated. I’ve learnt the hard way realising that if you want to get good results you’ve got to sort out your lifestyle and diet to support your training.

Party skinny 2

This all changed when I met my now fiancé Lisa at the age of 23 – I had to grow up and stop being soo much fun!

Don’t get me wrong, I still like going out with friends and being sociable, but not to the detriment of my health or where it impacts my training. It’s all about balance. So from the age of 23 this is where I started taking my training and nutrition more seriously and this is where my journey really begun; the turning point where I started to see real results!


Bryn and Lisa Dougs Wedding
Me and my Fiancé Lisa at our friends wedding early 2017


At the age of 28 I am now training 5-6 days a week, tracking my progress in both performance and body composition, and also keeping a close eye on my diet. Finally, all the hard work is paying off as I now have higher levels of confidence, clothes fit properly and I’m no longer the ‘weak skinny kid’ I once was.


Switzerland Vest
I never used to have the confidence to wear a vest without feeling as though I looked like a coat hanger!


What the Future Holds

Firstly I want to say my aim is not to become someone who is narcissistic and overly self indulged in their appearance, but someone who is well grounded, secure and in a position to help others reach their goals through my own experience and knowledge. Over the next couple of years it is going to take some serious grit and determination to reach my goals but only I can make it happen. This picture below of Marc Fitt is one that inspired me many years ago as it resonated with me because it felt achievable…

Marc Fitt

Nearly there…

Turkey six pack


My Goals

In measurable terms:

(Currently weighing 154lbs at 5’8″ and about 15% body fat)

  1. Getting to 182lbs at approx 10% BF
  2. Adding 9-10lbs of lean mass (basically muscle)
  3. Undulating through Bulking and Cutting cycles every 2-3months to control fat gain
  4. Eating 3,000 – 3,500 calories during Bulks
  5. Down to 2,500-2,900 calories during Cuts
  6. 5 day-a-week Hypertrophy & Strength mesocycle(s), with continued progressive overload
  7. 2 inches on my arms, taking them to 15 inches
  8. 2 inches across my shoulders, taking them to 46 inches
  9. 1.5 inches on my upper legs, taking them 22 inches
  10. 1 inch on my calves, taking them to 15 inches

Time Frame: my goal is to achieve the above by the time I’m 30, which is in around 18 months time (August 2020).

I know I can achieve this, all I need is determination, focus and serious commitment.

Anticipating Obstacles

2018 is lining up to be a busy year with my wedding alongside starting AdapNation. These will most certainly be the biggest obstacles I will face this year whilst working towards my body goals, but none the less they are both very exciting ventures!

2 reasons these obstacles will keep me true to my word…

#1 – Having a wedding/honeymoon is good motivation to be in shape

#2 – You guys at AdapNation will hold me accountable

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my journey.

I will leave you with this quote…

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”

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