2018 W8 of 52 – Bryn’s Body Progress Journal



Another blog post about Bryn’s body goals… who cares!

Well the reason I am writing these blogs is less about narcissism and more about how I deal with my unorganised personality, insecurities, mistakes and how I am developing as a person along the way, to help you guys that are on the same journey as I am – you are not alone.

Sure, I want a body that looks awesome but then again who doesn’t? I have learnt that I have to work on certain qualities in order to get the body I desire. If you read my blog last week you would’ve seen that I wanted to be more disciplined with my early morning starts so that I could be more productive and have more time to work towards my goals.

Ok I’ll admit, I did hit the snooze button a few times during the week but I was much better, which meant I had time to prepare my food in the morning and get out of the house to train before my day had even started. The best thing about prepping my food and training first thing is that no matter what happens throughout the day, I know my training and diet won’t get put on the back burner when my day doesn’t go to plan.

If you struggle to get up early enough to prepare for the day ahead, then the most effective thing I did the night before, was visualising exactly why I wanted to wake up and how my day would look if I did. Seeing myself reaching that target helped me to get there.

My Personality Type

If you met me now, you would think that I was very organised person; but believe me this does not come naturally to me. I used to be very disorganised and still can be at times. Over the years of being my own boss and working towards my body goals I have learnt the hard way: I better get organised if I want to achieve anything.

How has my personality stopped me getting the body I want?

To get the body you desire it takes many things, but being structured and therefore organised is one of the biggest qualities you need. Here’s why…

Nutrition. To improve your body composition you need to have a good idea of your calories and macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs), and being disorganised meant I always struggled to manage and stay on top of buying what I needed, preparing and tracking my diet. I’m much better now, but I do still have my days!

Training. When I first started training, for a few years I would never take the time to prepare and plan what I needed to do in the gym which meant that I have wasted many sessions swanning around being unproductive and not knowing what I needed to do to progress and improve.

Time. Waking up without a plan for my day meant that I was being reactive to everything rather than proactive. This meant many training sessions were missed because I ran out of time, and I often ended up eating the wrong foods as I would have to buy on the go.

After many years of not seeing real results, I knew I had to change things. Now I make sure I think ahead and organise my time, and I’m seeing greater results than I ever have done before. Of course there’s still work to do but there’s definitely a marked improvement.


Next week I am going to be cutting for 1 week after being in a calorie surplus for all of February and putting on an extra kg of bodyweight. I will be dropping my calories down to 2500 – 3000 calories a day to give my digestive system a rest and to stop my body from adapting to the calorie surplus.

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