2018 W7 of 52 – Bryn’s Body Progress Journal

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So back to a normal routine this week which means it’s been a good week for training (bar one session) and hitting my target calories/ macros. Motivation to get in the gym has been high which is great. I would put this down to enjoying the programme I am on which means I have been looking forward to getting in the gym and lifting shit!

Where could I improve?

This is a question I am always asking myself and it’s the only way to improve, so to answer this question I have to be honest with myself. So this week I have struggled to get out of bed every morning by 6am which means I have had to cut short one of my training sessions due to lack of time; this is counter productive towards my body goals.

I know the earlier I get out of bed the better my day will go and the easier it is to do everything I need/want to do. Most mornings I like to be up and about at 6am, but it simply hasn’t happened this week and it’s been more like 6.30 to 7am which doesn’t sound like much but makes all the difference to the day. It’s easy to get out of bed when I need to i.e if I have a client but if I don’t, then it’s about being disciplined enough to rip myself from my lovely warm bed to conquer the world.

Too early

How to improve this?

So, I already know next week I have a couple of mornings where I do not have to be up early for clients , if I want to be successful and achieve both my body and business goals then I need to get up early and be productive. The difference between what I want and making it reality is action. The drive to get out of my warm bed and be up and about by 6am has to be strong enough. So here are my two practical solutions that I am going to do to ensure I get up.

  1. The night before I need to sit and visualise what I want to achieve and why, so I feed that motivation and desire to get up and go get it.
  2. When the alarm goes off, count down from 5 and make sure when I hit 1 that I am out of bed and on my feet. FYI – don’t count up as you’ll never stop!



So I have put it in writing which means you guys will be holding me accountable for next week to ensure I get up early every single morning. I will give you my honest feedback on next weeks blog post and let you know how I get on.

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