2018 W5 of 52 – Bryn’s Body Progress Journal

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So following on from my previous blog update Bryn’s Current Body Goal Struggles where I shared my struggle with eating enough calories, I have now managed to hit my calories nearly everyday using the methods in the previous blog. When I wrote the last blog which was just over a week ago, I have gone from 149lbs to weighing 152lbs which is not huge but its good progress in the right direction. I’m still lighter than I have been in the past but that is due to my recent 3 day fast  which meant I lost a fair bit of body fat and some muscle too. I’m quickly putting the weight back on whilst keeping body fat at bay which is great.

My Training

So I have switched my training up for February by lowering the amount of strength work  I’m performing each session and increasing my overall volume to help support hypertrophy. Each session includes a strength exercise sticking to low reps and then working on high volume for the remainder. The idea behind this programme is mostly to focus on hypertrophy whilst maintaining my strength.

February Programme Overview

So I am working on a 3 day programme which I am cycling through with 2 days rest a week.

Day 1 – Back and Chest

Day 2 – Legs

Day 3 – Shoulders, Arms and Abs

I have been working on strength for a little while now so feel I need more size to help compliment my strength and visa versa.

What’s Next?

Next week is my Fiancés 30th Birthday which means plenty of meals out and a trip to Budapest. This is great for getting my calories in and whenever we book a trip away we always make sure to book somewhere with a decent gym. We don’t feel obliged to train whilst on holiday, we just enjoy having more time available to train together and recovery properly with plenty of down time.

Anyways, until next time. I will keep you guys posted!

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