The Most Efficient Way To Train Whilst Getting Results!

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We all struggle with finding enough time to get in our training sessions, so what if we had a more efficient way of training?

Well the good news is, we do. It’s called full body training. Some of you may or may not be training this way already, but this is becoming increasingly popular as we are learning the true benefits of full body training and its efficiency.

So why is it becoming so popular and what makes it so efficient?

If you are like me, you may have been brought up on split workouts i.e. separating your upper and lower body into separate sessions, or training different muscle groups like back and biceps, chest and triceps and so on. The problem with this style of training is that although the intensity is high, due to the amount of sets performed per body part, per session, the frequency is compromised as it’s hard to hit all your body parts multiple times in a given week.

With a full body workout you will do less sets per muscle group per session, but you will be able to hit everything in one workout. This makes it easier to work everything more frequently, which means you can still hit the same amount of volume per muscle group by the end of the week. Also, more frequency means you will keep those fat burning and muscle building signals elevated like your testosterone and growth hormone due to the frequency of your big muscles being worked.

Another great reason to do full body training is that to hit the whole body in a single session, you need to be working those big lifts like your back squat, deadlift, bench press, pull ups etc. which are highly demanding tasks both physically and mentally; this means these sessions can give a real calorie burn!

So, by doing full body workouts, you hit all your muscle groups in one sessions which means you only need to do 3-4 workouts a week to hit adequate volume and frequency to elicit change. If you are like me and have a busy schedule but still want to be seeing results, then full body is the way to go.

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