Know Your Limits


Not knowing your limits will only cause setback and injury; this is something we at AdapNation have seen and experienced in the past. Not being able to train for weeks or months due to injury is not fun, and it only slows progress. We understand you need to push your limits in order to reach your full potential, but knowing that limit and how far to push is a fine line.


How to figure out your limits
Well… it’s not easy. You will need to experiment with different training variables to establish your comfort zone, and once you know your comfort zone you can incrementally push forwards to force adaptation whilst listening to your body’s signals. Listen to any niggles and monitor your energy levels for feedback. Days when your energy is high and you are feeling good you can always push a little harder than days that you’re not feeling 100%. And the factors that affect whether or not you feel 100% are hugely variable, from sleep, to stress, to diet.
It takes time to become intuitive and tune into your body but it is worth it, and could just save you from weeks or months of setbacks.

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