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Our core’s main function is to support and brace the spine for stability; just doing sit ups is an outdated method for creating a strong functional core. The core has many functions in which it protects the spine from various movements, and today I am showing you a great anti rotation core drill. Anti rotation means that our core muscles are having to resist against an external force that’s trying to rotate the body.  The Pallof Press is a great drill that challenges the body by adding an external pull to the side which our core has to resist.

Too many people injure their back from simple day to day tasks or sports that could have been avoided if we knew how to support and brace the core muscles. This drill will help teach you how to brace the right muscle to help support your spine and prevent lower back pain.

We are constantly challenged by this rotational pull numerous times a day whether that’s  from pulling open a door, or hitting a tennis ball with the racket, or starting a lawn mower, so adding in some anti-rotation exercises is a good idea. I either use this drill as part of my warm up to fire up the core before doing any physical activity or at the end of my workout as part of my core circuit.

Pallof Press


How To Perform The Pallof Press…

  • Set up a band or a cable machine to the side of you
  • Grab the band or handle with both hands
  • Grip the floor with your feet by externally screw-driving your feet into the ground
  • Squeeze your glutes (bum)
  • Braces your abs
  • Then press your arms straight out in front of you whilst keeping everything engaged and tight to resist from the pull
  • Pull your arms back into your body and reset
  • Once set is complete turn to face the opposite side and repeat


Here I am bring my arms out straight in front but you can challenge yourself in may different ways by changing the angle/height of the resistance and/or press you arms higher or lower than demonstrated in the video.

Start off with a light band or a light weight on the cable machine and build up the resistance over time, a good place to start is 3×10 repetitions or 3×30 seconds each side.


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