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Over the last five years I have worked with 100’s of clients and spent thousands on learning material, workshops and coaching groups. I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 5 years and now I want to share ALL of this with you. In this introductory ‘micro blog’ I give you a sense of who I am and what to expect from Bryn’s PT Corner.

My journey as a Personal Trainer has had it’s ups and downs, but none the less it has been INCREDIBLE. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, learnt many life lessons and changed lives in the process. Bryn’s PT Corner will be an insight into my thoughts, judgements, anecdotal evidence, failures, successes and light bulb moments.

The quickest way to reach your goals; learn from other people’s mistakes and successes.


I started my career out as a PT back in 2013 (wow, that’s gone quick!) where I first worked in a small boutique gym in Surrey. I soon went on to help manage that gym. After nearly 2 years I decided to move in with my girlfriend and now fiancé (Lisa) who lives in Bedfordshire. I had had enough of the journey between Surrey and Bedfordshire, she can be a cruel mistress… the M25 that is, not Lisa.

I had zero clients, zero contacts and had to fend for myself in a large commercial gym with 10 other Personal Trainers. My approach; talk to everybody and be the best coach in the gym (this approach seemed to work well). I now have some amazing clients that are still with me years later.

After nearly 2 years working in a big commercial gym you soon learn that the model they use is broken and unethical, thriving on people paying monthly memberships and not showing up, nor getting results if they do. Luckily, the opportunity came to take on a studio based inside a chiropractor clinic; the Chirozone. This was my chance to run a business that was ethical and solely focused on educating my clients to get real results. Working within a chiropractor clinic with a great team has challenged my beliefs and pushed my knowledge to a deeper understanding than I thought possible.

I now have a great business where I help customers from the clinic with their rehabilitation programmes, weight management, and improve general health & fitness and lifestyle habits. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients such as Elliot Browne who is part of the GB Gymnastics Team and Actor Michael Jibson who has starred in films such as Les Miserable and now currently starring in the West End production of Hamilton.

So, that’s a short look into my journey over the past 5 years, as Vinnie Jones would say “It’s been emotional”!

So, if you are on a personal journey on the path of finding the ‘strongest version of yourself’ whether that’s to become bigger, faster & stronger, manage your weight or just be a badass, then please follow this blog as I will take you on a journey to get there.

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