2018 W8 of 52 – Michelle’s Body Progress Journal

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My training over the last few weeks has been going really well, I’ve had a few battles like the kids half term to contend with but overall I’ve stayed on plan!

Body Pump Fun

I’m finding myself a lot more confident with my current program, at the beginning it felt like a whole new learning curve again. Some new exercises I’ve never done before were thrown in and that always knocks my confidence a little as I’m so conscious to ensure my form is as good as it possibly can be, however, I can’t help thinking that your form suffers when trying and learning something new.

I’ve also attended a new class a couple of times now and it’s sort of made me fall in love with classes again. It’s a full body workout, using weights and a small barbell which you load based on your ability. I was surprised how hard it actually was, plus it gave me good old DOMS in my quads. I think I may sign up to doing that on a regular basis – isn’t variety the spice of life after all?

Weight and weights!

Body weight has been maintaining and dropping slightly in the last couple of weeks, I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I shouldn’t read too much into what the scales say as I can see, and feel the difference more. That being said, being a woman I do still worry about the numbers that the evil little LCD flashes up in front of me… I guess it’s one of those things that has been so important to me for so long that I’m finding old habits die hard.

The next couple of weeks for me are really going to be knuckling down and getting my 12 week program done! I must get my squat weight up, unfortunately squats are my nemesis as my body mechanics make them feel very unnatural when loading with weight. I’m pushing through though, I know by strengthening my whole body those elusive squat numbers will creep up eventually.

I do love a chat…

I recently recorded a podcast with the husband which I actually quite enjoyed, I like to talk so it came quite naturally for me. If you’re interested in hearing me talk more about my love of lifting have a listen, I’d like any woman out there to know that if I can start lifting, they most definitely can too!

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