Cheeky Home-made ‘Nando’s’ (plus!)

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Calories: 1327kcal (or 797kcal)

Macros: 111g Protein, 66g Carb & 73g Fat


Everyone loves Nando’s right? Well, create it at home, and add some extra bits for an even better and healthier experience. #Yum! The Cajun Chicken, Halloumi and Sweet Potato Fries are a marriage made in heaven, but are all very rich in flavours without much water content. The large flat Mushrooms stuffed with Spinach and the Tenderstem Broccoli fix that. This is definitely more of a dinner option in my opinion – a reward for a job well done.

Downsize this plate to a more moderate portion by dropping down to one Chicken Breast, one Stuffed Mushroom, half the Halloumi, half the Perinaise and 150g of Sweet Potato Fries and save 530 calories.


  • Free Range Chicken Breasts – 300g / 2x Fillets
  • Cajun Seasoning – Light dusting
  • Avocado Oil – 1x teaspoon.
  • Sweet Potato Fries – 195g
  • Halloumi – 125g / half pack
  • Large Flat Mushroom – 2x
  • Spinach – 1x cup
  • Organic Sheep Yoghurt – 1x tablespoon
  • Rice Bran Oil – ½x teaspoon
  • Tenderstem Broccoli – 100g

Home-made Nando's plus


Sweet Potato offers a nice hit of vitamin A, C, Copper, K & B6, plus has a lower blood sugar response than white potato. Chicken offer great sources of healthy lean protein. You get a great portion of indigestible fibre and prebiotic benefits for your guts’ microbiome (i.e. feeding the beneficial bacteria), that come with Mushrooms, Broccoli and Spinach. Broccoli also brings a good hit of vitamin K, vitamin C, folate (folic acid) and potassium. Goats milk has much healthier properties than over-farmed cows cheese/milk.


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