Lamb Adana Kebabs, Crispy Roasties, Halloumi & Salad

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Calories: 1206 kcal (2412 kcal total)

Macros Per Person: 61g Protein, 41g Carb & 91g Fat


Lamb is such a tasty meat due to its healthy fat content and unique flavour profile when compared to beef. Usually, I wouldn’t mess with the classic Lamb Shish, and find the Turkish Adana kebabs to taste too processed and strongly spiced. So, we fixed that, with this divine greek-styled glorious plate to share. We did nothing to the Lamb Adana – instead we let that tasty meat do all the talking and squeezed just a little lemon and a pinch of salt.

Paired beautifully with the crispy potato roasties which are simply sublime. But it wouldn’t be a greek dish without some grilled Halloumi, fresh Taramasalata and a summery heirloom tomato salad. So so happy…  😋

This meal is to share, unless you have a huge appetite and calories to spare. The big calorie hoarders on this plate are the lamb mince (1200), halloumi (395), tara (295), and potatoes (289). If you dropped the per portion down to one adana skewer, one piece of halloumi and no tara, you would save 451 kcal, taking it down to 755 kcal per person.

Cooking Time: 40 mins

Lamb Adana Kebabs, Crispy Roasties, Halloumi & Salad p2

INGREDIENTS (for two) :

  • 20% Lamb Mince – 500g
  • White Potato – 375g
  • Beef Dripping – 15g
  • Halloumi – 125g
  • Romaine Hearts Lettuce – 25g
  • Heirloom Baby Tomatoes – 7x
  • Cucumber – 60g
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1x teaspoon
  • Taramasalata – 57g
  • Flavouring – Rock Salt, Lemon, Mixed Herbs, Rosemary & Thyme

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  • Lamb (mostly grass-fed), lamb is an excellent source of complete proteins and packed-full of vital nutrients like iron and selenium, as well as immune boosting high concentrations of zinc, vitamin B12, and other B vitamins. Lamb does contain fat, but a significant portion of that fat is anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Beef Dripping / Tallow is a great fat to use for cooking, and should replace the inflammatory seed oils that are common place. It has healthy saturated fats our bodies rely on, Choline, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Selenium, as well as Cholesterol. These fats don’t oxidise and turn inflammatory under cooking temperatures, and help with the transport of vitamins.
  • White Potatoes are an excellent source for vitamins C and B6, a good source for fibre and manganese, and have more potassium than bananas. However, Because potatoes maintain one of the highest glycemic index values of any food, they cause blood sugar levels to rapidly rise which in turn cause our blood insulin concentrations to increase. Then of course you get the issues that arise when deep fried in unhealthy oils.
  • Taramasalata is made primarily from fish roe (taramas), usually from carp, cod, or mullet, and includes onion, olive oil, lemon, and pepper. So, you get all the health benefits of lemon, olive oil and onions, on top of the incredibly health benefits of marine Omega 3 fatty acids that is concentrated in fish eggs. It’s also high in vitamin D. The only word of caution is that this condiment is high in calories, so eat moderation.
  • Halloumi (Goats Cheese) – Goats do not contain a certain mutation in the milk that most cows do, making their milk and yoghurt much more digestion friendly and look uncannily similar at a DNA level to human milk.
  • Olive Oil is loaded with antioxidants that help protect the heart and blood cells from damage, and can also aid in weight loss and pain relief.
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. However, due to the lectins present in their seeds and skin, some inflammatory response and sensitivities can occur with digesting tomatoes. Cooking and High pressure cooking, as well as removing the seeds can eliminate the lectins and make them more digestible.

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