#87: Neurotype Specific Supplementation Strategies ~Christian Thibaudeau

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The one-and-only Christian Thibaudeau is back for a part 3 on Neurotyping!

This time, we centre the discussion on supplementation strategies that help to either neurologically activate or inhibit or brains and bodies. Said another way, we explore Christian’s favourite supplements that help you get fired up as well as assisting with the critical role of recovery.

It’s always a pleasure to talk with Christian. His weight training and neurochemistry wisdom is off the charts! He is an absolute legend, has a great sense of humour, and his deep experience and knowledge just drops off of him. Every convo with Christian educates to a high level, and this episode is no exception!


PLEAE NOTE: Supplementation should be layered on top of doing every thing right with DIET FIRST. An optimised Diet should account for the super majority of your nutritional requirements to live well and perform well. IF you want to be COMPLETELY dialled in in the gym, there are natural performance enhancement strategies that are supported by Supplementation. Lastly, if you have certain genetic DNA polymorphisms (SNPs) or have mal-absorption issues due to gut issues and enzyme production - supplementation can SAVE you from deficiency.


Here’s what we discuss:

‘Pre-Class’ Convo:

🔹 An update from last time– including Christian’s holiday and his baby son

🔹 Gym Talk– Christian’s Favourite Training Bars and why, Home Gym setup, value of Unstable/Micro-Isolation Training, and Christian’s 600lbs Squat past

Intelligent Supplementation Strategies:

🔸Inhibitory Supplements – molecules that help shut your brain down and calm your central nervous system

🔸 Excitatory Supplements – the molecules and supplements that increase Dopamine without burning out with stimulants such as caffeine and preworkout

🔸Isolated supplements vs whole food – Discussing the importance of both, how to create the biggest effect, and what to do if you have a nutritionally dense diet

🔸Optimising timing for better performance and recovery – Using steve’s diet and supplementing as an example. Pre workout, Post Workout and Evening.

🔸 The significance of sleep on muscle building – Why Christian rates early sleeps as a top priority for all his clients

🔸 Casein before bed? – Christian delivers the reality about this long-standing bodybuilding ritual

🔸 The importance of (low GI) Carbs before bed – the effect a carb meal has on sleep and relaxation

🔸 The value of NO supplement days – Christian explains the anabolic and sensitisation benefits of days of LOW protein and no supplements vs high-supplementation every day

🔸 Periodising Your Supplementation – Priming Days! – Christian reframes and defines a smart strategy of supplementing to maximising gains whilst respecting peoples need for daily habits

🔸 Question your long-term supplementation – The issues with mindless long-term supplementation

🔸 Can you change your Neurotype through supplementation? – Are we able to change ourselves from a Type 3 to a Type 1B?

🔸 Supplementing as a Type 3 doing Keto – The downside of Keto for Type 3’s, and how to manage the downsides to benefit from the Keto benefits

Other Supplement Insights:

💊 Timing your Omega 3 supplementation

💊 Why Taurine is in energy drinks

💊 The deal with ZMA’s

💊 The role of B6 (P5P)

💊 The dopaminergic effect of Tyrosine

💊 Acetylcholine – the value of isolated supplementation for 1A’s


NEXT CHRISTIAN PODCAST: Exercise Selection based on your Body Type !

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6 thoughts on “#87: Neurotype Specific Supplementation Strategies ~Christian Thibaudeau

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  1. I would really appreciate a list of the supplements talked about, I find most of them difficult to spell when listening to the podcast. Because I would really like to try the neurotype supplemenation.

    Best regards,
    Tim Lind, @timbiohaxx (Instagram)

    1. Hey Tim.
      From memory (across excite / inhibit):

      Magnesium Taurate, Glycine, Lemon Balm, 5HTP, Melatonin, Tryptophan, Benfothiamine

      Cordyceps, Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, Leucine, Rhodiola, Mucana Pruriens.

      Take another listen back and it should all come together. There’s a lot to unpack! 👊🏻

      1. Holy fuck yes,

        I probably have listened 5 times and I finally got really annoyed with not being able to spell all the names so that is why I finally had to ask about it.

        I just woke up here in Sweden so I am going to try to work some tyrosine magic. I found your podcast 100% thanks to Christian Thibaudeau. And slowly started listening to other episodes.

        To me I find the neurotyping stuff like finding the holy grail of fitness and health. Knowing that I am a 2A have helped me a lot. Plus, I have already helped a lot of friends. And talking about neurotyping with people they want collaborate with me.

        So thanks Steve and thanks Christian 🙏

        You rock!

      2. Thanks Tim!

        Yep, Christian is an incredible leader in the space of better understanding our physiology and how to work with it.

        Also check out @willtgewallace who focusses on neurotransmitter research.

        Enjoy the ride Tim! #BeYourBest

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