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Just wow! Be prepared to have you mind blown several times in this podcast, as we hear from the incredible Christian Thibaudeau on understanding who we are based on our Neurotype.

Who is Christian?

Christian has been coaching elite athletes across 28 different sports and general population face to face and online fro over 20 years. With over 600+ articles on T-Nation, three best selling strength and conditioning books and a huge video and article presence all over the internet, Christian is one of the top leaders globally in his field, and comes with a unique blend of experience, capability and scientific smarts.

Neurotypes – the why behind you

The world of Neurotyping is pretty fascinating. Where psychometric assessments and psycho analysis focusses on who you are based on your past and how you show up today, Neurotyping can describe WHY you are that way chemically, and can accurate describe your tendencies, personality, motivations and much more.

It’s about about neurotransmitter dominance – or put another way which of the excitatory neurotransmitters are you the most sensitive to and which inhibitory neurotransmitters do you predominately produce to slow things down. I know this sounds geeky and far fetched, but by the end of this conversation you will understand yourself at a whole new level, as Christian blends chemistry with psychology, training and nutrition.

You will be able to identify which Neurotype you are based on the personality descriptions Christian offers, and as a result will learn which type of training style you are innately motivated to the most and will recover from the fastest.

You might want to get a pen and paper at the ready for this one, and hover over the rewind button, as three is so much to take away from this chat that could change your outlook on your training, relationships and lifestyle forever.

Here’s what we cover:

1️⃣ Who is Christian and how he discovered Neurotype’s through trying to understand himself

2️⃣ What are key Neurotransmitters that drive behaviour

3️⃣ The idea behind Neuro Dominance – it’s all about sensitivity and production levels

4️⃣ The chemical differences between the 5 Neurotypes

5️⃣ How each of the Neurotypes show up in life – e.g. socially, performance, stress levels, training, nutrition, leadership

6️⃣ The Training preferences for 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and 3 that will provide greatest motivation and fastest recovery

7️⃣ Christian on-the-fly identifying the Neurotype of Steve people close to him

8️⃣ Many anecdotes from Christian personally and a variety of his Athletes he has trained regarding their Neurotypes

9️⃣ How to incorporate training modalities that do not match you Neurotype preference successfully

Where to Learn More about Christian Thibaudeau and Neurotyping:

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