Super Easy Chicken Thai Curry

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Calories: 815 kcal (or 496kcal)

Macros: 78g Protein, 64g Carb & 27g Fat


If you want to make lunch under 10 mins, yet still feel home-made and good for you, then defo add this to your repertoire. This Thai infused Chicken & Rice is a perfect post workout meal as it  delivers a great hit of protein and easily digestible carbs, without being too calorific for those keeping and eye on daily calorie limits. Plus, it tastes really really good. Get the quality sourced pre-cooked chicken skewers that have been marinaded in a Green Thai blend and simply add some Goats Yoghurt and some squeezy Chilli Sauce. Layer that on some Coconut, Chilli and Lemongrass microwavable White Rice and voila! Couldn’t be simply, but without all the preservatives and added junk needed to make shelf stable pre-made Thai ready meals.

For a smaller lower calorie option, reduce to 125g Rice and 150g Chicken. This will save you 319 calories.

Super Easy Chicken Thai Curry p2


  • Pre-cooked Thai Green Chicken Chunks (Waitrose) – 230g / pack
  • Organic Sheep Yoghurt – 50g
  • Squeezy Sweet Chilli Sauce (Blue Dragon) – 10g
  • Coconut Chilli & Lemongrass Rice (Tilda microwavable) – 250g / pack
  • Seasoning/flavours – Fresh Coriander

Super Easy Chicken Thai Curry p3


  • Chicken is a great source of healthy lean protein. With 31 grams of protein per 100 grams, is one of the best foods for protein. A good source of Magnesium, Vitamin A, Potassium, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus and a variety of Vitamin B’s, with trace amounts of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B-12, vitamin E and vitamin D.
  • White Rice is pretty empty when it comes to nutrients to be honest, but it is so much better than choosing Brown Rice as the harmful Lectins (such as Gluten) in the wholegrain have mostly been removed.
  • Goats Milk – Goats do not contain a certain mutation in the milk that most cows do, making their milk and yoghurt much more digestion friendly and look uncannily similar at a DNA level to human milk.


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