Kotopoulo Sto Fourno Me Halloumi

Calories: 1364 kcal (or 764 kcal smaller portion) Macros: 122g Protein, 82g Carb & 61g Fat DESCRIPTION: What did you say?! This is a delicious fresh zesty greek dish, that reminds you of summer in the Mediterranean. Chicken in the oven with Hallomui is the literal translation. The trick here is to bake the Chicken and... Continue Reading →

DEC-18 LADIES #HyperWorkouts – 8-Week Weight Training Block

Here's the last 8-Week #HyperWorkouts training programme of 2018, that Michelle is personally following December through to end of January 2019. Phased-programming to follow throughout the year. Read on for the LADIES DEC-18 Programme that contains 4x 60-90min Weight Training Workouts, an optional Yoga/Spin day, plus an intermittent Strength Day. There are 5x 1min YouTube guide videos and workout lists... Continue Reading →

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