NHS England Hospital Update – 4th Feb 2021

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🏥 We’re seeing a decent downward swing in PCR Positive patients over the last 2 weeks 👇🏼

The below table, which you can use to find your local England NHS Trust (assuming they have COVID patients), pulls UEC and COVID time series data on a weekly basis – last updated today from NHS’ weekly Thursday data drop.

🔽 Total England PCR Positive patients occupying beds has dropped by almost 6,000 over the last two weeks. There would have been many thousands more discharges, but the total number is the NET figure that includes admittance minus discharges.

Discharge data, as well as staff absence data etc is released monthly – next drop will be next week.

👉🏼 Visually, you can see this drop from the mini-graphs at an England and Local Trust level on the right hand side.

🔽 General all cause G&A Bed use has dropped by 708, but bed capacity has also dropped (-834), leaving the occupancy % flat at 85%. This speaks to makeshift beds/wards being dialled back, and these %’s represent operationally consistent targets.

🔺General ICU bed use has dropped from 86% to 84%, which is matching seasonal norms for this time of the year. However, it’s important to note that there are 228 MORE ICU beds occupied than 2 weeks ago. This is due to a rise in Beds Occupied AND Bed Stock levels during this period.

The Total Bed’s Occupied % data is 3 weeks out of date, as it is updated monthly by NHS. This too will be updated with fresh data next week.

England NHS Trust Hospital COVID Reporting - fe 2021




Searchable graph from our COVID+ Insights Dashboard – link. Raw data sets from NHS are linked within 👇🏼

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