Vaccine-Mortality Correlations (in the absence of raw data)

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We are owed this insight – every single death up to 28 days post COVID vaccine dose. The raw data without cleansing.

If it seems only fair to perform a full blown root cause analysis for each of these deaths , then we MUST do the same for every PCR Positive death too.

❌ We cannot have different rules for different circumstances that support the general consensus ideological bias.

As we mentioned a few days ago, the true short-term adverse reactions data and raw post-vaccine deaths numbers may be very encouraging and act as a calming agent. But until this unadulterated data is shared, concerning hypotheses are allowed to run wild.

🤔 Look, if we can share EVERY death where the individual had a PCR Positive test up to 28 days before within 24h of registration, we 100% can do the same for post-vaccine deaths.

This is absolutely trivial.

❓So why don’t we have this data? 

No root cause analysis, post mortems, or deaths dismissals due to age of chronic conditions are applied to PCR Positive (aka COVID) deaths prior to counting to the COVID figures. Therefore, there should be ZERO delay in provided the same data for post-vaccine mortality.

👍🏼 And let’s be clear – it is totally reasonable to suggest that a post-vaccine death perhaps has nothing to do with the vaccine. Likewise, it is totally fair to say a PCR Positive death potentially had nothing to do with a SARS CoV2 infection. 

Vaccine and Total Mortality Correlations

In the absence of data…

In the absence of the raw unfiltered data, we are left with triangulation data analysis and investigative pieces like this from UK Column.

Read it. 

Make up your own mind as to where they are clutching, and where they may have a reasonable point that deserves further investigation.




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